What Has the Muddy River Told

A book “What Has the Muddy River Told?” has recently been published with “Concordia” Foundation assistance. The target audience of the book are teenagers. The author of the book is a priest Timofey Alferov.SvAlferov_S

The book is written for curious minds, for those who haven’t substituted the real world by the virtual one, for those who have kept love for nature and like travelling around the country, getting to know its history and sights.

The writer many times walked along the very interesting river Msta with school and university students. The Msta river flows to its mouth at Ilmen Lake in Novgorod Region, Russia. While their tours, Timofey Alferov and his students gathered plant and animal fossils, spoke about their origins. As it happens, a person who wants to study nature and can ask right questions can learn a lot from that river and its fascinating banks.

Timofey Alferov finishes his book with the following words: “”A person is created in the way that he has to realise and accept his own goal. As you can see, not everyone wants that. Even understanding that the Creator of our wonderful world is kind and gives us everything we need, not everyone wants to submit their lives to the goal He has set. Some people only want to choose their own goals and ways. Setting the goal to a person, Wise Creator will ask him about its fulfillment afterwards, and evolution will not ask anyone. That is the only explanation why people still stubbornly cling to their beliefs in evolution with its endless blind miracles without the Wonderworker”.

Сenter for children

“Concordia” Foundation keeps supporting center for children in Petrozavodsk. Many new children come to the “Firefly” club. Sometimes the place becomes crowded. At the end of December we organized little Christmas festivals. Children could invite their friends and they all heard about Christmas and got presents. It would be great if all those who attended festivals joined the club in 2015.Petrozavodks

We continue our Craft Studio project. And in December 2014 children took part in a mission called “Help Ukrainian Refugees”.

We were divided into 2 teams. And each team visited 8-10 families. Children were enthusiasted to meet new people and speak with them, they gave presents and invited refugees to the church. Several families accepted invitations, which is very joyful.

We have started getting ready for the Winter Convention. 15 people are invited to the convention. Children look forward to the event.

We are also getting ready for Christmas Family Festival. 20 families are invited to the event. All parents were glad to be invited and promised to come.

We have been gathering once a week to pray for the ministry since autumn 2014. In the beginning, only club leaders attended those prayer meetings. We prayed for the children, for their wish to come and pray with us. And some of them joined us in December. Thanks God! We hope that soon other children will also attend our prayer meetings.

Can you please pray for our children, for their wish to get to know God, listen to His Word.

May God be with you!

Concert of folk-band “Otava Yo”

Took place a Christmas concert of a famous folk-band “Otava Yo”. The event was sponsored by “Concordia” Foundation.SONY DSC

The music band “Otava Yo” was founded absolutely spontaneously back in 2003. Musicians didn’t know that they would become an independent project. All musicians were involved in other projects, and “Otava Yo” became an opportunity to realize those ideas and plans musicians couldn’t fulfill in their prime music bands.

They say:

  • We try to be not very serious, so, if you hear something you haven’t expected, that is exactly what our intention is.

The recent concert took place in a club “Waiting Room” located in a shopping mall “Warshawskiy Express”. The place was almost full. Many people brought their children. That was a good idea, since a funny play for kids was shown in the beginning. The main hero of the play was Punch – a well known participant of many festivals. Children were really enthusiasted with his amusing tricks and jokes.

As always, “Concordia”Foundation gave opportunity to all the visitors to enroll to the Bible courses. Besides, Biblical pocket calendars were given to all of them.

After that play “Otava Yo” sang their Christmas songs. Their performance as always was very emotional and of high technical quality. It was indeed a festival of Christ’s Birth. The audience joyfully applauded to their favourite musicians. Christmas songs were skillfully alternated with Russian folk songs, some members of the audience even started dancing Russian dances. After the second part of the concert, the band leader Aleksey Belkin introduced a new piece of work – a music video, which was warmly greeted. The festival continued after that, and no one of more than 400 guests regretted of coming to communicate with their favourite entertainers.


X International Festival of Evangelic Musical Culture

January 18th – 25th 2015 the X International Festival of Evangelic Musical Culture “Epiphany Nights” took place in St. Petersburg. Historical evangelic churches, which крещенские_3were in St. Petersburg – the capital of the Russian Empire – before 1917, took part in the festival.  Among those churches were lutheran (German, Finnish, Swedish and Estonian) and reformed evangelic (baptist and evangelic Christian) churches. The goal of the festival is to unite christians of different evangelical denominations and to invite our friends among nonbelievers to the festval’s events.

“Concordia”Foundation also took part in the festival. A table with spiritual and educational books published by “Concordia” stood in the lobby and those books were presented to the guests before and after concerts.

The Foundation took ppart in the festival programme in order to distribute the Fund’s books among those who are looking for more thorough knowledge of the Gospel. Besided, since sompe part of the audience were nonbelievers, the Fund’s aim was also spreading truth about Christ among those who haven’t met God yet. “Concordia” Foundation gave brochures, calendars and flyers free of charge to all those who were interested in getting to know more about Christian truth.