pr3I have never read God’s Word prior to learning about the Discussions on Faith, even though I was baptized in an Orthodox Church. This Discussions helped me to understand the basics of the Christian faith, to learn more about God. I would like to know more, to have an even greater awareness and a deeper understanding, so that I can change completely…but I still fail in a lot of things.

I had many spiritual problems, mental breakdowns. Reading through Discussions helped me to become more self contained, but my breakdowns still happen from time to time.

Here, in the prison, I have heard a lot about God helping people. I’ve recently been invited to join the gatherings in the prayer room. I started coming and learning about spiritual life. I am not able to understand it all to the fullest yet, but I do long to experience it with all my heart, to become pure and truly righteous.

Thank you so much for this Course. I was especially touched by things I read about love, understanding, care and compassion among people.

Vladimir Mereshko

Questions of Creation

The regular radio program “Questions of Creation. Ethics and Education” was aired on Transworld Radio. Makhail Nevolin and Igor Savich took part in the program.

That time they spoke about information and its influence on a person and the world InfoSaround. And certainly the conversation lead to the problem of information sources. Information is one of the most important characteristics of the world. If there is lack of information, a person can bear damage in various degrees or even die. The wrong drug labeling or the wrong dosage jeopardize human health. Disinformation on a plane or train ticket will create an obstacle to reach the destination. Malfunction in a traffic controller’s work will become a premise for an accident. Gaps in computer operation system will interfere with the normal work of a user.

Human life goes in a stream of information of different kind. That information surrounds us for the whole life and in all circumstances. Human life from the very beginning is connected with perception, digestion, processing and usage of information. Using the information received from the outside a person is able to produce new piece of information of different degree of complexity.

Nevertheless, the Origin of any information is God, Who has created the whole multiplicity of the information, which we nowadays can see in the world: in the form of animals, plants, microorganisms. Only God can create something really new. So, God is the Creator of the information, and a person is only a creator, and the things he does is only an imitation of what has already been done by God.

Concert against drugs

A concert against drugs took place in Saint-Petersburg Information Technology College. The concert was held with the support of “Concordia” Foundation.

Saint-Petersburg music bands “Supporting Point” and “Pals” took part in the concert. More than 400 students came to the event. The concert was open by Gera Alexeev, who told about the goal of the concert.

A film against drugs was shown, Oleg and Nikolay – musicians of “Supporting Point”, who used to be drug addicts and who were saved from death by God – told their stories.

Gera Alexeev and Arkadiy Bushin – a completely physically handicapped person – told about God’s love in their lives. All songs were warmly met by the audience. Everyone, wishing to get a flier with the information on harm of drugs, got one. Those fliers were printed by “Concordia” Foundation.

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Concert in penal colonies

Igor Baranchikov represents supervisory board of correction system. And he has a  concert programme called “Stop”, focused on drug and crime prevention. He has recently visited penal colonies № 2, 3, 8, 9, 18, penal medical center № 10 and ВК_SNovosibirsk juvenile correctional facility as part of the project . In total, about 1500 inmates have heard what the artist wants to tell them.

Igor Barannchikov writes and sings songs and has 15 years of missionary experience. He has visited more then 700 penitentiary institutions all over Russia and CIS.

The programme “Stop” was written in 1996 and since then has been shown in rehabilitation centres for drug and alcohol addicts, asylums, reception centres for juvenile delinquents, social centres for street children, at town festivals against drugs,   and as drug prevention measure at schools and colleges.ИК 10 концерт_S

Music programme “Stop” is one of hot creative projects for modern youth. Igor Baranchikov brings up problems of drug addicts rehabilitation, withdrawal from drugs, prohibition of abortions etc.

As the author of the programme tells, his goal is to motivate a person to change their life for better, to help them survive current circumstances and get the life going.

Igor Baranchikov’s concert programme contains songs reflecting patriotism, recalling Russian heroes, life values, faith, temporary and eternal values, the good and the bad, love to the motherland.

“Concordia” Foundation helped in finding matching videos, to be shown while the ИК 18 концерт_Sconcert, and in writing stories of songs creation. The representative of supervisory board of correction system also points out at his concerts the evil, brought by drugs and alcohol.

After the concert many convicts came to the singer to thank him for the programme, which gave them opportunity to think about their future and gave hope for life without crime and drugs.

Family Festival

Children Club in Perozavodsk _S (4)In January 2015 a Christmas Family Festival took place in children clubs “Rock” and “Firefly” in Petrozavodsk. About 20 families were invited to the event.

We were happy that many parents came to the festival. In total, there were about 70 people. While making preparations for the festival, children were very diligent. They were learning songs and rehearsing a play and a dance enthusiastically. The whole event was filled with love and joy. We could feel God’s presence.

Parents were really grateful – they liked the festival very much. It gave them an opportunity not only to see what is done in the clubs, but to take part in different contests and to sing songs with their children. Everyone heard the Christmas story and about God’s love to people. At the end children were given presents.

Children Club in Perozavodsk  (2)The next day we all together went sledging to the town central hill. It was real fun. At the end of January we again went there, that time parents were also invited. One father did join us. We were grateful for that and hope that it can be a beginning of good relationship with parents.

After the festival, club tutors and 15 most active teenagers went to the Winter Convention. These were 3 wonderful days. God blessed us with fantastic weather and a great place for the convention. Tutors and children spent much time playing winter games outside, went backpacking, had a rope course and studied Bible and prayed. Much was open to children and adults, everyone felt the influence of the Word of God.

Children Club in Perozavodsk  (3)We hope that the children will continue studying Bible with the same eagerness. We are planning to start a new course called “Crafts workshop – extension course” for the children who took part in the convention. The purpose of the course is to tell them about clubs’ work and goals, to teach and counsel them in their ministry. Many teenagers, attending our club meetings, want to work with us.

We ask you to continue praying for us, for clubs administration, and all  ministers. We need God’s help as well as spiritual and physical strength, especially since many people are sick now. We also ask you to pray for our children, may God guard them and arouse wish to get to know Him and listen to His Word.

May God bless you!