Program “Stop!”

Igor Baranchikov visited a colony-settlement in the town ElEctrostal in Moscow Region. He presented his program “Stop!” Colony-settlement has less strict rules and better conditions than other correctional facilities.

Most prisoners were convicted because of car accidents. Men and women are not isolated from each other. The concert went very well. They hadn’t been visited for a long time. About 100 people came to listen. Igor gave them “Concordia” books and brochures.





A public group “NaCl”

A public group “NaCl”

1) A public (group) “NaCl: Christianity with Salt” was created and developed in a Russian naclSocial network “Vkontakte”. It’s address is:

– About 1100 personal friends were sent invitations to join the above mentioned public and subscription to the course “Conversations about Christian Faith”;

– 43 theme-based posts were written for the public and posted on it wall. Those posts were devoted to the basics of Christian faith and main ideas and thoughts by Martin Luther;

– As a result, according to the statistics, 337 people are permanently subscribed to the public. Some of them are protestants and orthodox going to church, others are either non church goers, or non-believers. 35 subscribers agreed to do the correspondence course “Conversations about Christian Faith”, e-copies of which have already been sent to them.

– It is planned to continue inviting non-believers and non-church goers from different groups of Vkontakte social network, tell them about basics of Christianity and Martin Luther’s ideas, offer them to try correspondence course “Conversations about Christian Faith”.

2) A new group called “Christianity for the Seekers of Faith” was created and has been developed. Its address on the Internet is:Христианство-для-искателей-истины/806050182814938?ref=profile

– 30 posts about Christianity were copied from the public in Vkontakte to that group.

– Invitations to check those pages have been sent to personal friends and friends of “Concordia” Foundation. The group was created on March 23rd. Since then 19 people have liked the page and from 1 to 152 people have read different posts in the group.

3) A “Concordia” page has been created on Youtube. Biblical video-lessons from “Concordia” web-site will be posted on that resource.


Center for children in Petrozavodsk

One more month has passed in center for children in Petrozavodsk. We have had many joyful and interesting meetings and small victories.Children Club (2)_S

Each time more and more children come to the club. Some of the past students return and some new come.

The last February meeting was visited by a mother of one of our assistants. When all the kids left, she told that she was happy her children went to that club. She really liked those things we did with children and the stores we told them (that meeting was devoted to forgiveness). She told she wanted to help in decoupage craft shop, since that is her hobby. We do hope that it will work!

One month ago a 17 year old girl joined the ministry. Now she is very enthusiastic in Children Club (3)_Shelping us. That girl, whose name is Polina, has recently come to God, but she wants to serve Him now. Polina has a very serious disease. She has told us about the illness and what she has gone through. Once Polina mentioned that only in our club she forgets about the illness. When she is with children and us she completely focuses on communication, ministry, and forgets about her own problems.

Olga Yusupova – the coordinator of children ministry writes: “We ask you to support us with your prayers for that girl, to ask God for a miracle in her life. In one of your letters, we wrote about a girl called Natasha, who was bitten by a dog. We prayed for her for a long time, because we faced disobedience. And God started changing her heart”. Once we even didn’t take her to a trip with us, and she told us some words which made us happy. “I really want to go with you. But  understand that I disobeyed, which s the Children Club (1)_Sreason for not going. And I will stay, though I really want to go”. She said those words very quietly, though she used to react with tears and hysterics. Now Natasha tries to obey and help us. When we gather around the table, she is the first to remind us to pray. We are really grateful to God that He changes their hearts so dramatically.

We ask you to continue praying for us, for the leaders and ministers of the club, for their strength, physical and spiritual strength. We ask you to pray for our children as well, for their desire to get to know God and listen to His Word. Thank you for your support! May God bless you!”


Folk center “Kitezhgrad”

Igor Savich and other “Concordia” employees visited folk center “Kitezhgrad”, in which 7-17 year old children learn painting and pottery. In 2015 the center celebrates 25 yearsКитеж 008_S since it was founded. Hundreds of children have learned art and got to know how they can appreciate beauty.

A lot of pieces of art on Biblical topics have been created. Within the visit, Igor Savich met the head of “Kitezhgrad” Ruben Avakyan. They agreed to do a collaborative project: publishing Biblical lessons for children with pictures by children, studying in “Kitezhgrad”. The first sketches of kids’ paintings were given to initiate the pre-print process.