Recording of new stories by Elena Sokolova

Recording of 11 new short-stories by Elena Sokolova has been successfully finished on Record by MariaRadio “Maria”. These short-stories are included into broadcasting on the radio.

Average length of a story is 10 minutes. After each radiobroadcast of those stories, an adverticement of BCC  will be played.

Three readers (3 female voices) and two audio engineers took part in the recording, trying to get “mother VS grandmother tell the story” effect.

At least twice the recording will be broadcasted live. The beginning was on May 7th at 8 p.m. while the children’s hour called “The wonderful Day”.


Exhibition devoted to the family

We recently had two big events. Children were happy to take part in both of them.

The first one was an art exhibition devoted to the family. Children brought so many ptrz_2drawings and photos, that we had to expand the place we had originally devoted for the exhibition. All children were happy to share information about their families. We saw that children have a lot of dreams about their families, too. Some kids even confided their secrets. For example, two sisters experience lack of father’s attention. The older sister mentioned that he never plays with them. It was obvious, that that thing was painful for her. She often comes to the club, where she can find attention, support, acceptance. We really want that their family finds attention, love and care of each other.

The second event was a “Big Tour Game” which took place in the town district, where the “Firefly” club was located. Though everyone was very tired, both children and adults were very pleased with the opportunity to communicate with each other. While the game children were divided into different teams. One of the tasks of the game was very simple. They had to buy a gift to one of the kids parent, write ind words on a card and give the present to an adult all together. Children were happy to do those things with their own ptrz_1hands and 4 parents were pleasantly surprised.

Now we re getting ready for a trip to St. Petersburg with Easter program and to Children Easter Festival, where 11 groups of children from different churches and  invited. Children are happy to get ready to these events, they enthusiastically learn songs and put on a play. Many children experience lack of parents’ or teachers’ attention. Many of them are really talented, but adults do not notice that. It is really joyful to see how those talents unlock in front of us.

We ask you to continue praying for children ministry, for the administration, for all the ministers, may God keep us and give us physical and spiritual strength.

Will you please pray for our children, so that they had strong desire to get to know God and listen to His Word.

Creation Questions. Ethics and Education

In April  a final radio program of a series “Creation Questions. Ethics and Education” took place on the TransWorld Radio. Mikhail Nevolin and Igor Savich took part in the program. That time they discussed education and its connection with Creation problems. It is not a secret that secular humanism is inculcated almost in all primary, secondary and higher education institutions. And one of the basic theories of secular humanism is evolutionary philosophy.teos_last

Fundamentals of evolutionary philosophy are introduce in the 5th grade at school. All  biology textbooks are full of strange heroes, drawn with the only purpose – to convince students that a human is only a developed animal.

Some skull fragment, several teeth and a shin bone of unidentified origin give one more intermeidate member between animals and humans. We can tell one thing for sure: human’s moral characteristics detach him from all animals. And those characteristics couldn’t develop while natural selection because they are absolutely useless for survival in the wild.

A simple example of that: animals don’t have conscience. Some people also don’t have it, but it is a pathology, not the norm. That feeling is absolutely useless, or even harmful in the struggle for survival, and according to the logic, it couldn’t appear in the evolutionary process. The source of conscience is Moral Mose.

All attempts to prove animal origin of human face insurmountable difficulties. Human is too different from all representatives of animals, so they cannot be pun on the same level. As a conclusion, Igor Savich said, that it is necessary to fill school and high school programs with the data of Creation science. It will lay a good foundation for a correct moral education of the younger generation.