Distribution of Flyers Near Subway Metro Stations

zvenigorSMaking courses “Conversations about Christian Faith” available for unchurched people is the main goal of that project. In order to achieve that objective, “Concordia” Fund has signed an agreement with a well-etablished and well-known in St. Petersburg advertising agency “Prime Promo Personal”.

The subject of the agreement is distribution of “Concordia” flyers by the agency promoters in the area near main subway stations, located not far away from railway stations and other crowded areas in order to reach mostly those who commute udelnajaSto work.

Flyers were given to every person passing by a promoter on May 12, 13, 14 and 15 from 5 p.m. till 8 p.m. near exits from subway stations “Ploschad Vosstaniya” (Moskovsky railway station), “Ploschad Lenina” (Finlyandsky railway station), “Baltiyskaya” (Baltiysky railway station), “Zvenigorodskaya” (Vitebsky railway station), “Ladozhskaya” (Ladozhsky railway station), “Udelnaya” (Udelnaya railway station), “Obukhovo” (Obukhovo railway station), “Obvodny Kanal” (bus terminal).ladozskayaS

“Concordia” employees controlled the process, after the first day all the drawbacks were pointed out, and advertising agency corrected everything the following days. In total, 32000 flyers were distributed near subway stations. We are now waiting for response after that promotion action. That was the first stage, after analysis of that promotion action outcome we are planning to do the similar campaign near other subway stations.

Spring in Carelia

Children attending our club spend more time outside, than in winter, and they often accidentally drop in the club just to say hello or talk for a while.

Our pupils have become much more open than they used to be in the beginning, theyChildren from Perozavodsk  (1)S often share their worries or pleasures. We are happy to see that they have become good friends with each other. Sometimes they drop in to ask for some sport equipment to play with each other. Ministers take part in kids’ games, which make us all closer to each other.

Children Festival took place. Children helped arranging the event: they decorated the hall, met guests, helped in the kitchen. The festival went really well. Everybody was very happy, could interact with each other a lot and got a lot of great impressions.

We had a trip to Saint-Petersburg. We had prepared a short concert program (songs, plays and a little sermon on Easter). We are really happy that children treat everything with responsibility. They try to do a good job. During rehearsals, God opened different flairs in children. We all were surprised and happy. We hope they will develop those flairs in order to glorify God.

Many children have difficulties at school. We often hear them sadly telling about bad marks or that they don’t understand anything at school, that their parents don’t let them go to the club because of school problems. And we had an idea to help children get ready for exams. Many children have exams at the end of a school year starting from the 5th Children from Perozavodsk  (2)Sgrade. Children worry that they might fail those exams. One of our senior assistants has already started helping two girls get ready for physics exam. Girls work really hard. We hope that God will bless them.

Will you please pray for kids’ studies, for us to be able to help all of them. There are good reasons why God has brought many teachers to our team.

We also ask you to continue praying for leaders and ministers of the club, ask God   to guard us, give us physical and spiritual strength.

And we ask you to pray for our children, to ask God keep them and give them strong desire to get to know Him and listen to His Word.


Testimony of Vitaliy

I serve time in a prison of Sol-Iletsk town (Orenburg region). Before doing the course “Conversations about Christian Faith” I was not a Christian. The “Conversations” pr3revealed meaning of Christianity to me, the course was very useful. Many of my problems were solved through studying the materials and reading the Bible.

They were not solved all together, but step by step I realized some ideas and after that a problem was solved. The “Conversations” helped me get a foothold in Christian faith and opened the  saving power of faith. I had a great need in reading spiritual books. I will be waiting for your assistance in the search of a church.

The “Conversations” helped me realize that there is no other saving faith, except Christian. That faith helped me get a foothold. Most of all I liked the information about Lord Jesus Christ and way of life of the first Christians and apostles. And we all are sinners and need that faith!

I found God in prison. Before that I had no idea of God. But the Lord, living in human heart, shows Himself to other peopleThank you, God’s people, that you exist. You have Lord Jesus Christ. And you are given the most important work on the Earth – to lead sinners to our Lord and Savior.

You shouldn’t despond, your work goes well under God’s supervision I ask you to help with spiritual books, magazines, and brochures. They are very helpful.

Now I am finishing my letter.