Testimony of Jury

I serve time in a prison in town Roslavl in Smolensk Region. I had been christian before reading “Conversations about Christian Faith”, but was in failure. Conversations helped me better understand basics of Christian faith, that we should not wait, while Jesus comes again, that we should take a step forward. I realized that God wants to save Господи помилуй меня грешного. или Спаси и сохрани_1everyone.

Before imprisonment I went to church, but after spiritual failure I even could not read Bible. But after “Conversation” my spirit cheered up. “conversations” helped my faith become stronger: now I read Bible regularly, preach, sing about Jesus Christ when and where it is possible. I need to come back to church, where Lord gives salvation and eternal life to everyone. I liked the idea that Jesus will never leave us, mentioned in “Conversations”. And I will live in His Mansion with Him forever.

When I was in difficult circumstances, I wanted to hang myself and finish my life. But God didn’t let that happen. He gave me His eternal life full of love and mercy. I thank God for your work and for the harvest you bring Him. Let they centuple!

Cherepovsky Jury Fedorovich

Supporting Spiritual Project



Presentation of a prayer book took place in St. Mary Cathedral of Evangelic-Lutheran Church of Ingria.

The book was published with the support of “Concordia” Foundation. Mikhail Ivanov – the prior of the Cathedral – has expressed his gratitude and hopes that the book wil help parish get spiritually stronger and grow in faith.



Summer camp in Vyborg

During this month was successfully completed Volunteer Project in Vyborg Lutheran Vyborg Summer Camp1SChurch. Six persons from Minnesota from Rochester Lutheran Church  took participation in Language Summer camp from 22 to 25 June.

During these five days 23 Children of ages from 8 to 15 actively learned Bible using English materials that brought Volunteer Team.  Children learned to sing Christian songs in English and created some performances on Biblical topics.

Of course there were plenty of active games and sport on open air. Children especially liked parachute that is brought specially for that occasion from US by this Volunteer Team. With help of this Children played many joyful games.

The Children were very pleased for this opportunity to learn more English and played games during this week. At the end of Camp the Children prepared various Biblical scenes in English. The leaders of camp invited parents of Children on this festival. Finally each Child received as a gift from Concordia Foundation the book of Children BCC .

Volunteer Team visited also two Lutheran Churches in  SPb in Martishkino and St. Maria Lutheran Church.

Vyborg Summer Camp5S Vyborg Summer Camp3SVyborg Summer Camp4S Vyborg Summer Camp6SVyborg Summer Camp7S

Testimony of Maksim

I serve time in a prison of Spassk-Dalniy town (Primorsk region). I didn’t use to be a Christian before reading “Conversations about Christian Faith”. The “Conversations” helped me understand the basics if Christianity. I have started praying often. I thank PrisnНim almost for everything. Thanks God! I went to the church in my home village, but really rarely.

In the prison I go to the church almost every weekend. Before reading the “Conversations” I had spiritual problems: but after reading I started speaking with people about God and thinking about Hum. I need your help in finding a church, since there are too many churches and religions. It is not enough to write letters in order to get faith: conversations with real people are really necessary. We need to try each other in their faith. My favorite place in the “Conversations” is about God who is always with you, He doesn’t want anyone to die. He is the Creator of the world.

I found God after doing the course. It is very strange, that I always got what I asked God for. He did anything I wanted. I knew a pastor of the church in the village I was born in. She very often told me about God, Jesus Christ, told what the correct life was, how I could avoid mistakes.

But I didn’t listen to her, and satan used that chance. Due to my kindness, I was betrayed and ended up in prison. Then I asked God: “Where are You? Why have You left me? Have you forgotten me?” I didn’t know how to pray that time, so I prayed as I could.

After that I met a Christian from a different correctional facility, and started communicating with him, he spoke with me about God in the evenings. After that I started reading the Bible and going to prayer meeting room. Since then everything changed to better. I found God because I had got to prison. And being in prison helped me meet my mother. For the first time in 18 years, I met my mom. That was the first time she answered the call of maternal instinct.