Brochure “Distorting mirror’s shards”

After several publications in Russian this brochure, written by Dr. Igor Savich, have been translated in English.  The brochure shows the invalidity of the Evolution Theory.

“After the publication of Charles Darwin’s book ‘On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.’ The ideas of evolution as ‘Distorting mirror’s shards’ little by little were spread all over the world, distorting social beliefs on the natural environment. It was made it look like that the interpretation of world order has been found by manipulating the natural sciences achievements and using numerous assumptions.

Enthusiast-evolutionist: This is a real evolution of the chairs!

Enthusiast-evolutionist: This is a real evolution of the chairs!

In spite of the apparent contradictions to physical laws and laws of logic, evolutionary thought continues to dominate in school and university programs.

The aim of this brochure is to give a brief analysis of some of the key provisions of the evolutionary hypothesis that are set out practically in all textbooks for biology.

As an example there was used one of the recent academic school biology textbooks for 10-11 grades that was analyzed in terms of informatics and information theory. Information (Latin: informatio – explanation, statement, knowledge) is one of the most common concepts of science denoting knowledge and any collection of data, knowledge etc.

As reader of this brochure can see that these twenty-five theses of evolutionary theory literally or figuratively are inconsistent if we analyze them in terms of informatics. Information is an intangible category; however it is encoded in one way or other in living organisms, on material carriers.

Using the terminology of informatics, the theory of evolution can be labeled as infoglut that reduces the reliability of our ideas about the creation. This infoglut caused by both accidental and intentional distortion of data and its incorrect interpretation.

Thus, the extreme complexity and at the same time coordination of all information processes and systems in living cell suggest to many researchers that the origin of life based on the chaotic and spontaneous molecular transformations is completely impossible. It is unthinkable to admit the existence of ‘evolution’ that requires purposeful ‘introduction’ of the necessary information inside living organisms.

Life exists only because of the presence of relevant information inside living organisms that works with the help of well-defined programs. Every living being carries a tremendous amount of very diverse information. Information determines its structure, a method of obtaining food, behavior, method of reproduction, protection etc. Every living cell carries specific, unique information. Moreover, the certain components of the cell are also carriers of information, without which the cell could not exist.

You cannot even imagine that this huge number of incredibly diverse management information emerged by itself. Everything gives evidence of God’s creation of the universe.”

Enjoying children BCC

A new edition   BCC  for  children is very much approved by  audience:

Peace be with you,

bcc_chlI am a missionary sent by an evangelic church to a town Slavyansk-upon-Kuban. We have a small group of believers, some of whom are young children. Your material helps us communicate with children during Sunday school lessons and we are very grateful for that.

May God bless you for all your trouble!

Sergey Fedotov (Slavyansk-upon-Kuban’, Krasnodar Region (27.07.2015)

____________________________________________________________Thank you very much! We will be happy to get next volumes of Bible Lessons for Children! And The Bible Lessons are very helpful.

Best regards,

Ekaterina (Moscow, 27.07.2015)


I have received several brochures as a present from you. We have been studying them with my granddaughter Varya, who is now 7 years old.
I have learned a lot of things myself. Varya now reads them on her own. Varya’s mother, my adopted daughter, doesn’t go to church now, though she used to until she was 20.
I do hope that God will continue to speak to her through her daughter and will keep inviting to join the church.
Thank you very much! Youe deeds are not vain!

Elena Boretskaya (vil. Neklyudovo, Nizhniy Novgorod Region, 24.07.2015)

Dear team,

Thank you for your help.

We received “Bible Lessons for Children” some time ago.

As far as I know, our child has loved them. I am sure, that God works in the little person’s heart through them. Thank you for your offer to help find a church. But I am from Minsk and have been going to church since mid 1990-s.

Blessings in your work.

Sincerely yours,

Dmitry Morgan (Minsk, Belorussia, 24.07.2015)


Thank you for brochures. I have been with God since 2001. Almost all the time I have been a member of ministry for children. At the moment, I am a leader fro children and youth ministry. I have a teacher’s degree. When I came to church, I didn’t choose me ministry. Everything was clear from the very beginning. Children! We use a program, but this summer we are using your “Bible Lessons for Children” to revise main ideas. My grandchildren have been in church since they were born. There are many children in our church. Our town is small – about 50000 people. There is the orthodox church, mosque and our protestant church. At the moment, there are about 40 children from 0 to 15 in our church. They are divided into four groups according to age for their Bible lessons. We will soon build a new building for the church, so an old one will be fully devoted to children ministry. Then we will be able to give lessons to all groups, including infants. I have several people who help me: a young man who is a primary school teacher, a girl studying in pedagogic college and several other, who don’t have pedagogic degree, but their hearts are willing to work with children. I praise God for everyone who is not indifferent to children ministry.

Sincerely yours,

Lyubov Nikolaevna

LyubovKochkina (Satka, Chelyabinsk Region, 24.07.2015)


Dear team,

Thank you very much for your brochures. They are great!
My wife, me and our grandson go to church together.

We were all happy to read your brochures.

May good success attend you in your ministry!


Aleksey Vladimirovich (Moscow, 24.07.2015)


Hello. Thank you for your brochures. We are a Christian family with many children. We go to church. Now we look through pictures in brochures with our children, because they are too little to read. Thank you for your work. I think soon our children will be able to read your brochures on their own.

Svetlana Krylova (Himki, Moscow Region, 03.08.2015)


Dear team,

Thank you for the Bible Lessons. Children loved them. We all go to church. I am a minister for teenage girls, my husband has sports ministry, and our children always help us.

Olga Shakhmatova (Novosibirsk, 02.08.2015)


Thank you for your letter and brochures “Bible Lessons for Children”. We gave them to children in our Sunday school, and they studied them with their parent or grandparents. That is great opportunity for parents to tell their children about their faith. Some children visited children Cristian tent camp, which was organized by our church. We hope that some adults will find faith and others’ faith will strengthen through children.

Nikolay Grin’ (pastor of Christians of Evangelical Faith Church, Sharya, Kostroma Region, 27.07.2015)



New calendar

KAlend_3“Concordia” Foundation and etnocultural crenter “Kitezhgrad” have been friends for a long time.

5 years ago drawings by educatees of the center were used in a book “Christmas” published with support of “Concordia”.

Educatees of “Kithezhgrad under the guidance of their teacher Marianna Nikolskaya illustrated “Bible Stories for Children” recently.

The last release by “Concordia” Fundation is a table calendar, its release is coincided with 25th Anniversary of “Kitezhgrad” which will be in September 2015. The calendar starts with September 2015 and finishes with December 2016. The best works of educatees of “Kitezhgrad” were used in the calendar production. Matching Bible verses were picked up for each drawing or picture.

We hope that this calendar will not only be a good present for “Kithezhgrad” Anniversary, but will also give new motivation to learn wisdom of Holy Scripture.


“God is My Oxygen”

A summer camp “God is My Oxygen” took place in Karelia in June. The camp was held with support of “Concordia” Foundation.Karelia Children Camp (4)_S

45 children and adults had rest on a lake shore. They had 10 days of outside activities, sports and friendly intercourse. More than 40 hours of spiritual work. 22 one-to-one lessons targeted to help abused children.

Favorite day # 1. That day started with inflatable boat race. Each boat had 10 people on board who oared to a tiny isle and a huge tree on the opposite side of the lake.

Favorite day # 2. In the evening, we sang our favorite songs and shot off paper Karelia Children Camp (3)Slantern. That was a symbol of God speaking to us through quiet wind. We have to be perceptive to what God tells each of us.

Children have everyday lessons, sometimes they got carried away. It is difficult to speak about past. Children need to get that they are not responsible for home abuse, they need to remember that they have inner power to forgive those who hurt them and fight for themselves. We learned to prevent such situations and prayed.

Before each meal we had a gathering. We learned new songs and did little plays. One boy stood up one day and said a very wise thought: “Each sunny day brings its own history. And when you look at the sun, you look at a history”.

Karelia Children Camp (2)_SLast morning after breakfast we heard live music, and everybody ran to the place it played from. We all crowded around it. It was a happy moment, our last feast together.

Children and adults who took part in the camp were singing songs, writing letters full of kind words to each other and prayed together. It is always difficult to say good bye after such intensive days spent with each other. There were many tears and hugs. Many pictures were taken. Everybody felt slightly sad knowing that was the lat day of the camp.

Karelia Children Camp (1)_sAll children (kids and teens) will soon meet each other in our club in autumn. In the meantime, we are going to communicate via social networks, share photos and emotions.

The camp became a chance to know that God loves, and that is not only words. God loves us, and His love is like oxygen for us. Children got some advice and opportunities. The camp re-established hope in all participants.