New Club for Children

bukl v petrazSeveral young people are starting youth club for children and teenager from Kommunar town and village Pudomyagi. Both are located near Pavlovsk.

The club is for children from troubled families, whom we met last summer.

Those places are full of alcoholics and drug addicts, there are many Muslims as well. We are going to have much work to. We already have a program, which is targeted on Bible studies.

Kommunar is a small town near Saint-Petersburg, so we always have opportunity to visit, check on the ministry, speak with children. Since I am going to see children weekly, it is emotionally closer for me, their needs will be more real, than just information in letters.

Club’s budget will be small, because meetings will take place only once a week. Though we want to help children with their studies, with food and clothes if it is necessary. We want to engage local Baptist church, where are many old ladies who will be glad to serve by cooking tasty dinners.

Olga Usupova

Life sentence

I serve time in prison for lifers in Sol’-Iletsk, Orenburg Region. I am a christian, and that is my conscious choice. I found God just before I started reading your course “Conversations about Christian Faith”. The “Conversations”  have helped me understand basics of Christianity. They also helped me know more about God.ПУЛЯЛИН

Unfortunately, I am in prison, doing life sentence, so I don’t have opportunity to go to church. That is why I need your help. I have found answers to questions troubling me. You have really helped me. I have become stronger in my faith. I am really grateful to you. The “Conversations” is the best what has recently happened to me. They help you understand the necessity of seeking salvation, going to church, living Сhristian life. Information in the course is well-written, easy to understand and pretty convincing, which makes the course very interesting and easy to complete.

My way to God has been very long and difficult. For my whole life I lived without God, never thought about salvation, never got to know Christianity. I was not interested in it. Though I thought I was a Сhristian as many other people. Those were idle words for me. And my life without God led me to prison. I was convicted with a horrible crime which I hadn’t committed.

Pain and desperation became constant parts of my life. After several years of trials I was found non guilty and released. But instead of thanking God for saving me, I continued living without Him. I didn’t go to church, didn’t pray, didn’t think about God, though before release I had promised my friend to go to church. Joy of being free and innocent was so overwhelming, that I didn’t remember about my worries and emotional turmoil of before. I didn’t remember about my promise, I was happy. Though God showed Himself in some things, I continued to ignore and not notice Him.

And half a year later my non-guilty verdict was overturned and I was found guilty, based on the same evidences as before. And I was given a life sentence. That was a terribly unfair sentence for a crime which I hadn’t committed. After that I experienced horrible pain and desperation day after day. And when I couldn’t bear it anymore, when I was alone I remembered about the One Who is always near me, Who had been waiting, when I would call for Him. Jesus Christ has saved me. I have found comfort and hope in Him. And after all those years of desperation and loneliness I felt that I was not alone, that He was with me. I sincerely hope that God hears my prayers. Thank Him for everything! He has changed me and now I cannot see mu future life without Him.

God be thanked!

Moshkin Evgeniy Nikolaevich

BCC Promotion

pom_2Concordia Foundation volunteers Fedor Milovanov and his wife Victoria, who are members of Evangelical Church, have agreed to participate in distribution of «Concordia» flyers containing invitation to join the course «Conversations about Christian Faith». September 5-13 they are going to distribute 6124 flyers near exits from the following St. Petersburg subway stations: «Prospect Veteranov», «Udelnaya», «Ozerki», «Parnas», «Sennaya Ploschad», «Grazhdanskiy Prospect».

The purpose of that promo-action is to preach God in the streets of St. Petersburg and to find those who will to learn the basics of Christianity through the course «Conversations about Christian Faith», distributed by Concordia Foundation. Each flyer has a form for contact information of a person willing to study Bible. Those forms can be sent to Concordia by one of three means: mail, e-mail or text message.