New Сenter for children

A new center for children has been organized in a village Kommunar in Leningrad Region with the help of “Concordia “ Foundation. Our volunteer Olga Usupova has written to us:

“The club was opened in October in a small place about 20 square meters. All kids werekomm2 new: we had invited them through Vkontakte social network.

There were 20 people, which was a great surprise for us. We told that we were Christians  and would be speaking about God and really important thing from the very beginning. Some of the kids tensed at that, but came back next week anyway. Generally speaking, we are very happy now.

komm3 komm4

October 10th was the second meeting.

We already started preaching, spoke that God is Light and He has no darkness.

We even started speaking about sin. We are really glad that the kids started being open and communicating with us from the very beginning: they share their problems, tell what is going on in their lives. We chat in Vkontakte every day! Personally I have a feeling that we have known each other not several weeks, but a couple of months.

Now we have 27 children on our list. Each trainer has a small group of kids assigned to them, so that nobody gets lost. In January we are planning to organize a camp.

Thith is our team. komm1

500 Years of Reformation. Its Meaning for Church and Society

2017 will become 500th anniversary of Reformation. Events which followed the beginning of reformation lead to a new understanding of Christianity IMG_2297and spiritual awakening in some European and North American Countries. Historical significance of the event and the approaching anniversary have motivated us to create a series of radio programs.

Reasons for Reformation existed everywhere, but in Germany those reasons were especially strong, since on one hand, religion in the country was especially moral, and on the other hand, not many nations were so strongly humiliated by Roman Curia (political powerlessness of Germany was very convenient for Pope’s claims).

In that period political entity of Germany was in a state of delicate balance: the country lost its unity, but didn’t become a simple federation of princedoms and free cities. State reform, which could end chaotic situation, had been anticipated for a long time. One of the main questions was about relations between an emperor and princes.

Radio programs were written basing on a book by Husto Gonsales “History of Christianity”.

The project is supported by “Concordia” Foundation. Presenter is Andrey Mayershin, a Christian writer and member of Lutheran church in SPb. The recording is starting. The airing of this series is planning  on March 2016.

«Kitezhgrad»’s Jubilee

Solemn celebration of the 25th anniversary of the folk center “Kitezhgrad” took place in KTZ_4the building of the Commonwealth of Artists in Bolshaya Morskaya street in St. Petersburg.

KTZ_2Guest list included representatives of the city administration, “Kithezhgrad” teachers and educatees. Folk center successfully collaborates with major museums of St. Petersburg.

Representatives of the Russian Museum, the Kunstkamera KTZ_3Museum, the Museum of Religious History and the Commonwealth of Artists congratulated the center and gave memorable gifts. All-time head of the center Karen Avakyan and teachers Tatyana Piskorskaya and Marianna Nikolskaya made KTZ_5their welcomes.

Many warm words, sincere wishes of the future artistic successes and educcation of young generation were said. Hundreds of children have attended “Kitezhrad” for 25 years. And teachers cutiously nurtured their creative work.


Those who graduated spoke about their happy childhood due to creative atmosphere, understanding and warmth, which they were surrounded by in their classes in the center studios.

Current educatees gave a concert with folk songs and dances. That was a festival of children art and pedagogic talent.KTZ_7

At the end of the event each person got a table calendar with drawings and photos of ceramic artwork of “Kitezhgrad” educatees. The calendar was printed by “Concordia” Foundation specifically for the anniversary.


Spiritual problems of HIV

Sepetember 1st 2015 yet another radio program about problems of HIV-infectees in Russai was delivered in “Radio Maria”.

“Concordia” Foundation has been supporting “Radio Maria” Programs for several years, sometimes we take part in those programs. “Radio Maria” informs its listeners livevich about the opportunity to do a course “Conversations about Christian Faith”.

Program about HIV was kept up by pastor of ELCI Sergey Nezhdanov and pastor ELC Dmitry Zinchenko. Presenters read an analitical note by Igor Pchelin about situation with HIV infection rate in Russia.

The main idea of the note was that in the past HIV was a problem mainly of marginal groups of population (drug addicts and homosexuals), but now 60 % of infected get HIV through regular heterosexual intercourse. In other words, HIV can come to any house: presumably healthy people, leading mostly ethical life, can even not suspect that they have caught HIV.

After that presenters discussed a recovery and healing problem. They noted that if recovery is only medical term and provided necessary treatment an HIV-infectee can live a long life, then healing is a spiritual term. Pastor Dmitry emphasized that in the original Greek New Testament text “healing” and “salvation” is the same word. And it means recovering the original wholeness of a person (complex healing of spirit, soul and body), the wholeness given by God. In this regard, healing is a supernatural act, which can be done only by God through person’s faith. Pastor Sergey gave two examples from his own life: God healed him of alcohol addiction first, and then of cancer without any medical help.

At the end of the program presenters answered three telephone call from the audience, those who called agreed with the presenters’ point of view. The audience asked to have both doctors and pastors in the next programs about HIV.