International Interdenominational Festival of Traditional Spiritual Music

re-ligo_2November 24th a final concert of the VII International Interdenominational Festival of Traditional Spiritual Music “RE-LIGIO 2015” in the Lutheran Cathedral of St. Paul. One of the festival’s sponsors was “Concordia” Foundation.

The main idea of the festival was to show beauty and importance of spiritual culture as well as encourage and find young gifted

The final concert brought much joy and pleasure to those who love spiritual music. There were solo and choir performances and instrumental and symphonic music.

re-ligo_4 Everybody was charmed by polyphonic sound of choir “Chimes” from St. Petersburg which sang Cherubic Hymn. Other performers also brought joy to the audience. For example, Academic choir of amateur singers of St. Petersburg played the concert “Lord by Your Strenth” by D.

Everyone who attended the concert could get a pocket Bible calendar, colourful bookmark or enroll for free of charge educational courses “Basics of Christian Faith”, carried by “Concordia” Foundation.


Tent camp in Petrozavodsk

We have had a tent camp, renovated playgrounds in Petrozavodsk. During those events we met new kids who were looking forward to coming to our clubs. It has been monthcamp1 since we opened clubs in autumn, and it makes us happy that many new kids join us. They really like coming to our meetings and we spend time together almost every day.

This year we have new ideas on how to interact with kids. “Wonderful Friday”. Every Friday we have something spacial: movie, workshop, Evening storytime (for older kids who want to know more about the Scriptures), and The Pearl (for those kids who actively take part in our clubs’ life). Kids really like those changes.

camp2Many of them have problems at school. We often hear their sad stories of getting bad marks again, that they do not understand anything, that due to that their parents don’t let them go to the club.

And we have decided to have a new hobby group “Excellent!”, where children will be able to do homework, get ready for a test or exam. Ask questions when they don’t understand something. Our two assistants have already prepared those classes and they are starting in November. We hope that God will bless them. Can you please pray for our children at school, for their results, for us to be able to help all of them.

This year older teenagers started helping in the ministry more actively: they prepare games, stories, handouts for our meetings, help with cleaning. They also help with classes with small kids. We thank God for that!

camp3We also ask you to pray for our clubs’ leaders, for all ministers, for our physical and spiritual strength. And also for our kids, their safety, well-being, desire to know God and listen to His Word.

Thank you for your support!

One of our stories

One little girl has been coming to the club for a long time. And quite often different small or not so small incidents happen due to her clumsiness or lack of attention. But we’ve never rejected her, always trying to teach her to be more attentive to people and objects around her.

And recently we noticed she was taking care of those who sat next to her while tea time, asking what they wanted, how she could help them. It was very joyful to watch her helping others and only then drinking tea herself. We notice that she is getting more attentive and careful. She really likes helping others and does it well. We do believe that she will grow into a good assistant in our club.

Thank you for your help!

Сoncert of Christian rock-musicians

anti-nar1November 5th 2015 a concert of Сhristian rock-musicians for staff and students of the Road-Transport College took place with CF support.

The goal of that campaign was harmful consequences of drug abuse propaganda. Rock-band “Support Point” and a famous  musician Gera Alekseev (Gerasim) took part in the concert.anti-nar4

Musicians not only sang their songs about struggle against drugs, relationship purity and christian morale, but also shared their life stories, how they got free from drugs, how many their friends still struggle with drug abuse consequences.

A short film “Pill” about harmfulness of drug addiction, shot by Gera Alekseev wasanti-nar3 shown during the concert. The film had testimonies of ex-dug addicts, who shared how they still suffered from consequences of drug abuse.

anti-nar5  About 60 students of the college attended the concert, each of them got a brochure “Self-Control in the World’s Addictions”, flyers inviting to do the course “Conversations about Christian Faith” and calendars advertising web-site were attached to brochures. Students and employees of the college were eager to get materials provided by CF.

Festive service


October 18th a festive service, dedicated to apostle Luke, author of two books of the New Testament, was held in the Lutheran Church of St. Mary in St. Petersburg. The bishop of Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria (ELCI) Arry Kugappy and the bishop of Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELC) Vsevolod Latykin were present at the service. Bishop Latykin preached about apostle Luke.

bishopAnd bishop Arry Kugappy in his final speech thanked bishop Vsevolod Latykin for taking part in the service and hoped that strong partnership will be formed between  ELCI and SELC.

After the service pastor of the Church of St. Mary Michail Ivanov, bishop Arry Kugappy and the head of “Concordia” Foundation Igor Savich had a private meeting during which pastor Ivanov expressed sincere gratitude to “Concordia” Foundation for their help and mentioned hue support which the foundation gives Church of Ingria by providing religious books and sponsoring church publications.

Lecture on Information and Questions of Creation

лекцияOctober 7th 2015 a lecture on Information and Questions of Creation was delivered in Theological Institution of the Church of Ingria. The lecturer was Doctor of Biology I. M. Savich, who told about information qualities.

He showed that information doesn’t appear on its own, it doesn”t exist without a code, it is created with specific purpose, and an intelligence is needed to create information. All those statements are easily proved by everything surrounding us.

Alter the lecturer moved on to speaking about live creatures, who have unique information about their structure and are programmed for their existence and reproduction. He proved that all information existing in them (it is written on DNA molecules) couldn’t appear on its own. An intelligent source is necessary for its creation. That source is God, who is the Origin of all information in our world.