Pre-Christmas Concert in a Welfare Shelter

Igor Baranchikov, a singer, musician and author of a musical program for children, hope_1visited welfare shelter “Hope” in Saint-Petersburg.

Most orphan homes have been recently named welfare shelters, because a new government program “Russia without orphans” has gone into effect.

The trip was dedicated to Christmas in order to remind children about the holy festival, bring them some joy and moral support.

Igor Baranchikov gave a concert and presents to children. “Concordia” Foundation provided calendars, brochures and sweets.

Children from two shelters (for boys and for girls) were invited to te concert. In the beginning, children were surprised that each song is accompanied with a video, which made the show more colorful.

That helped children relax and take part in the concert. Starting from the second song, everyone joined Igor and it felt like one big friendly family. And the song “Little Angel” was sung twice.

Children were told many different stoies and were reminded that we were with them and were ready to visit them any time.




Открытка с рождеством 2015_англ-01

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. Luke 2:11-12

November passed with the speed of light!

5iYGAmA5n4s_SWe have already had 9 meetings in our teenage club in Kommunar. We are really grateful for your support, that is a real thing, because we see God’s blessing!

We already had a meeting where we spoke about Christmas, so that each kid could understand what we will be speaking about when we are selebrating. Each teenager who comes to the club has their own history, and just like we they all need love and support. For example, last week Dasha’s father died.

07SPgxWoFI4_SDuring one of our meetings we talked that Jesus has taken our pain. And everybody wrote what brings them the most emotional stress, and we put those slips of paper in envelopes titled “The Heart of Christ”.

We also had a day, which was called a research-to-practices conference, when children spoke about studying and how to avoid being lazy. That is a very serious topic.

lETJbyp_Xnw_S14-20 people usually attend our club’s meetings. And each meetings begins and finishes with prayer. We have been witnessing the changes God makes for 2 months.

There were many barriers broken, many little miracles happened. Some kids start asking God for something in their everyday lives. Those are fantastic steps.


gcxWRQrVGLs_SSoon many kids are going to our winter camp. And the Holy Spirit is going to speak to Mk7GbrT3gns_Sjpgthem there a lot.

December 26th we are having a meeting with parents. We hope it will be a peaceful event.



We thank you for your support and prayers. Everything is very good. Thank God!

One day I felt lack of something

I serve time in prison in a town Volkovysk, Grodno Region, Belurussia. Before reading pr4the “Conversations” I had supposed myself a Christian, but after I finished reading my faith became stronger. I used to know a little about God, but now I know much more. The “Conversations” really helped my faith grow. I need your help in finding a church for me to get further spiritual help.

God has always been with me. But a door to my heart was closed, I didn’t want to let Him in. But one day I felt lack of something, I couldn’t understand what it was. I had always thought about God as something usual. Since childhood my parents took me to the church regularly, trying to ensure I was on a right pass. But I struggled and didn’t want to accept that I was being taught only good. When my mother, aunt and older brother were going to the church, I left home, because I didn’t want to be there.

And now I am eager to give everything to go to the church, read Bible, pray. And that change happened when I realized, that the disturbing feeling I had, was God knocking on my heart and soul’s door. And after I fell from the third floor, miraculously being unharmed, I got to church and praised God that by His mercy nothing had happened to me. After that I opened my heart to God completely, and I am thankful to God for everything He does for me. And nothing can shatter my faith, it becomes only stronger.

Andrey Mavduk