Сlubs for Teens

Concordia Fund continues support Teen’ Clubs.

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In January was organized special meeting for Club’s teenagers.

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There was a lot of fun on the snow: riding on the togobbans and fried sausages.

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It was organized special festival not only for Children but for adults as well.

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There was special action as to visit to needy families and presenting some food packages.

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In January was organized one camp.

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During this time some teens started to read the Bible.


And there was extra meeting after camp in Baptist church in Pavlovsk.

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There were additionally three meetings in the club.In a view of flux epidemic there was no so many teens but the mood was high.

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Meeting in “Concordia” Office

A meeting of “Concordia” employees and representatives of “Betel-Russia” center was held in “Concordia” office. 25 table calendars for 2016 with Bible verses and colorful betel_1 pictures as well as “Bible Stories for Children” and flyers advertizing free of charge course “Conversations about Christian Faith” for adults were given to “Betel-Russia” center in Saint-Petersburg.

Center “Betel-Russia” is a place where drug addicts can get help for free. The organization operates using donations. One unique thing about the center is that it helps not only drug addicts but those who have just been released from prisons and don’t have any place to live in. “Betel” helps with their medical, social and spiritual rehabilitation, and assists in finding jobs.

Service dedicated to the 20th anniversary of service

Liturgy in Russian and Finnish was held in Saint Mary Church. The service was episk1dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Arri Kugappi being the Bishop of Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria. There were a lot of guests who were invited from Finnish parishes.

Representatives of Russian Orthodox Church and Roman-Catholic Church, Head of “Concordia” Foundation Igor Savich and senior priest of Saint Mary Church gave words of salutation.

They all emphasized great significance of Arri Kugappi’s ministry and wished successful and fruitful managing of the Church of Ingria in Russia on him.

Children choir of the Church of Ingria sang a song as a present to the hero of the anniversary.

And in the end the senior priest of Saint Mary Church thanked “Concordia” Foundation for its financial support of printing a book “Thinking about Apostles Creed”.

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Concerts in Samara and Saratov

Igor Baranchikov gave nine Christmas concerts in Samara and Saratov.samara_2

Citizens of those towns were really happy and grateful that they could listen to Christian music and speak about spiritual things.

In Samara one concert was given in an orphanage, where children happily sang along with singers and 2 rehabilitation centers for people who used to be addicted to alcohol or drugs, where concerts supported their wounded souls.

After Samara, Igor moved to Saratov, where immediately upon samara_1arrival gave concert in an orphanage and gave presents and Concordia books for children.

The next day we visited two penal colonies one was high-security, the other – maximum security. Prisoners were glad to saratov_3watch a concert.

After colonies we visited the university of Ministry of Emergency Situations, where a topic of drugs and healthy lifestyle was discussed and, of course, we spoke about Christ a lot! After that we also gave a concert in Officers’ Club, which was visited by representatives of the Cossacks and of the icons workshop.saratov_4

On the last day we gave a wonderful concert in a rehabilitation center Hope for disabled people. Disabled people were brought from all over Saratov Region to visit that concert.saratov_1

And it was a great festival for them, and they themselves said that they were not often visited with concerts. Those day a lot of kind words were said, we sang a lot, had fun and, of course, drank tea with sweets. Thanks God for everything!

Concert of folk-band

Christmas concert of folk-band “Otava Yo!” and theatre company “Mr. Pejo’s Wanderig Dolls” took place in shopping mall Varshavsky Express. The show took place in concert hall Waiting Room and was almost sold out. Many guests were with their children.

“Otava Yo!” performed all famous Christmas songs and many folk songs. Guests had a lot of fun. They did a circle dance, sang all together, danced, played thread needle etc. The leader of the music band Aleksey Belkin constantly pumped up the crowd, encouraged children to play and sing and adults to be more active participants of that almost theatre performance. Actors from Pejo’s theatre mingled in the crowd from time to time to take part in dancing or playing and gave sweets to children.

The show was a real success. Guests not only had fun, but heard about the birth of our Savior and the importance of Christmas. “Concordia” Foundation sponsored that concert, since it is an important educational event.