Concert in Hospital

A concert took place in Orthopedic Hospital for children named after G. I. Turner located in town Pushkin.зал слева

There were more than 100 children and their parents. An illusionist Alexey Shargovik and a hip-hop dancing group took part in the program.раздача книг-2

Bible teacher Diana conducted a Bible lesson. Each child got sweets, Bible for children and a textbook with Bible lessons as a present.

Children got boost of positive emotions and learned what Easter is.зал

Good News from “Concordia” Foundation

Флаерс Библейские беседы_2016We have published new edition of “The Bible Lessons for Children” which is illustrated by children studying in ethno-cultural center “Kitezhgrad” (Saint-Petersburg).

Those lessons are serious but interesting retelling of Bible stories. There are comments for parents with some advice on how to do those lessons with children. Coloring activities and riddles help children Свидетельство для детейbetter understand retold stories. After reading the book Children will get to know Jesus Christ, Our Savior.

Besides, we have published “Old Testament Lessons” telling interesting stories from the beginning of our world.

Those stories will help Children get ready for learning more important and serious things. And that will bring blessing and will create a good foundation for Children’s future life.

Distribution in “Butyrka” prison

Igor Baranchikov, as usual, gave a good spiritual concert in Butyrka prison (Moscow). Butyrka prisonS1

The main emphasis was made on family preservation. 70 people attended the concert.

Butyrka prison has family days, when parents, spouses and children can visit their family there, and the head of the prison asked to speak more about family values.

Butyrka prisonS(3)

Many words were said and sung. Igor gave a brochure by “Concordia” “Is There Any Hope?” and biblical bookmarks.

At the end of the concert Igor was given a certificate of appreciation for his good job in 2015 from the Department of Correction. Igor writes that it is our mutual reward.

Rock-Band “Crying Voice in Desert” Concert

A concert of rock-band “Crying Voice in Desert” took place in the Bookvoed shop in Vosstaniya Square. It was sponsored by “Concordia” Foundation. The band was formed in 1997 and has constantly given concerts, dedicated to popularization of healthy lifestyle, spiritual and moral values and taking part in anti-drug campaigns.glas_1

In the mid 90-s musicians faced drug addiction and decided to prevent its distribution and spreading as much as possible.

In 1998 the band wrote script of that anti-drug program “The Ticket for the Journey from Captivity”. It consists of music and songs, in between which a shocking documentary about life and death of drug addicts is shown in parts.

The film also includes interviews with former addicts who used to be in drug hell and have survived and come back to normal life. Videos, used at concerts, were shot in drug houses of Saint-Petersburg by Aleksey Chervolov, the band singer. Abstracts of those glas_2video were shown on Russian TV channels multiple times.

Main band’s songs were played on the concert. Those were songs about God’s love towards people, about Jesus the Savior. They sang about difficulties of finding way without God and dangers lurking in wait along the way.

Before the concert started, a “Concordia” employee introduced the band and told about free of charge brochures and corresponding courses “Conversations about Christian Faith”. After the concert everyone could get those brochures and flyers of the course.