Anti-drugs Event

zdorov_R4Igor Baranchikov, singer and volunteer of Concordia Foundation, writes:

An anti-drugs event took place in town Bolokhovo, Tula Region. It was called Healthy Russia. There were about 500 young people from schools and a community college.

The event was organized by sportsmen, all of them used to have problems with drugs or alcohol, but now they are not addicts because their faith in God has set them free. Besides, those sportsmen reported to the police three places where drugs were sold.zdorov_R1

During the anti-drug event they showed their abilities: lifted weights, bent metal bars.

But the most important thing was that they invited teenagers to join their team in leading healthy spiritual lifestyle. After the event many boys and girls wanted to join their group.

Time passed really quickly. I also told teenagers about my faith in God and about my visits to prisons and colonies.

The youth club

Olga Usupova,  our voluntear and leader of this club writes:

I am writing to share some news from youth club in Kommunar. The month was quiteKommunar Teen's Club (4) rough.

Two boys – Danya and Iliah lost their mother, who had had the terminal stage of cancer. They are now living with their elder sister Dasha, who is only 19 years old. She is dealing with guardianship at the moment.

The other boy’s mother (Dima Osipov) has been hospitalized, she is going to have a surgery, she also has cancer. So we all have been very emotional and under much Kommunar Teen's Club (9)stress recently.

Nevertheless we started reading Bible all together.

We also had an interactive meeting when we spoke about sin and how we can stay clean, not roll in the mud.

Before that meeting we had put membrane Kommunar Teen's Club (3)on walls and floor of our room, so that we wouldn’t dirty the room, only teenagers. Each stage when they got dirtier and dirtier meant some sin. Afterwards we discussed it all together. The kids were dirty but happy. We hope they have reached dome conclusions for themselves.

We are starting to take kids to the church to youth services, and we feel strong pushback: all the time something happens.

Each meeting we eat something: it can be salad, or dinner. That takes much money, Kommunar Teen's Club (11)but kids remember those meals. While eating we speak about life and joke. These are relationships.

Our team has a new member Andrew, who is only 15, but has been active in the club and managed to befriend all children, especially boys, who have already started training using individual plans written to them by Andrew.

Activity in Novosibirsk

Vyacheslav Ostinin, supporting by “Concordia” Foundation, continued his visits to high security prison #2. He is now allowed to visit brigades and he is really thankful to God Novos_1for that.

They meet in cells to pray, read and study Bible, sing Christian songs and hymns. Many inmates come to those meetings: they ask questions, take part in conversations and singing.


Нe visited also standard regime penal colony #3, where they had Novos_2a meeting in the library to study Bible and talk about Christ.

Every Friday he visits penal colony #10, every second Saturday he visits juvenile correctional facility where young delinquents aged 14 to 18 do their time. Twice a month on Fridays he visits High security penal colony #8.


Novos_3They continue bringing newspapers, Christian books, Bibles and New Testaments to brothers behind bars as well as Bible studies with them.


They still visit tuberculosis sanatorium for children aged 1,5-7 years old (there are 63 of them) twice or three times a month. And they visit tuberculosis hospital where 108 children are being treated.

They are recently visiting the sanatorium with students from China who played with children and invited them to services at the church.

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