Festival of Spiritual Music

Gloria 2016 015A final concert of the VII International Festival of Spiritual Music “Gloroa” took place in The Church named after Saint Peter and Paul in Saint-Petersburg.

It was sponsored by “Concordia” Foundation. Diploma-winning Concert Choir of St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts, Choir of Foreign Students of St. Petersburg State Herzen Pedagogic University, soloists and ensembles from Russia, Belorussia and China took part in the concert.

Once again music, inspired by the Creator of the Universe, sounded under the dome of the Lutheran church.

An irreplaceable head and initiator of the Festival D. V. Schirin, Ph. D., handed he prizes and diplomas over. Brochure about the Festival contains invitation to do corrseponding course on the basics of Christian faith, which is lead with support of “Concordia” Foundation.


Caritable Concert

A charitable concert took place in the orthopedic hospital for children named by G. I. Turner in Pushkin (suburb of Saint-Petersburg). The event was sponsored by “Concordia” Foundation.008

In 2015 the hospital had its 125th anniversary. Originally the hospital was part of the asylum for disabled and paraplegic children, which was founded in 1890 by different charitable organizations and the founder of Russian orthopedics for children Genrikh Ivanovich Turner.

The hospital, which is also a scientific institution, has always been the leader in orthopedics in the country. It was the first scientific institution and hospital which started giving medical treatment to children with locomotive system disabilities, e.g. congenital dislocated hip, scoliosis, foot abnormality, systemic diseases. Nowadays the institution develops new and unique techniques of diagnostic, surgical treatment and rehabilitation, which are used not only by Russian, but by foreign hospitals as well.

047The host of the concert was Christian songwriter and musician Andrey Evert. There were about 50 children (all patients at the hospital) and their parents. Children saw and illusionist performing, then a cartoon about crusifiction and resurrection of Christ (part of Super Book series).

After that children learned a Christian Hymn which they sang all together. There also was a trivia game, when children answered questions. After the concert everyone got presents, and those who wanted could get brochures “Bible Stories for Children” published by “Concordia” Foundation.

I was not a Christian before

I live in town Vyborg in Leningrad Region. I hadn’t been a Christian before I read the ”Conversations”. The course helped me understand who God is and what the basics of Св.Михаил праздник_S_1the Christian faith are. I started going to Peter and Paul Church in Vyborg, my spiritual problems have been solved, I grew stronger in my faith while doing the course and found one of the best churches and I am now going there on regular basis.

One of the main things I liked about the course, was that we are saved only by the name of Christ (Acts 4:12). I liked everything in the course about our Savior Jesus Christ.

I was not a Christian before I did the course, but my mother and my sister had been praying for me. And now I have faith and go to church regularly. We have wonderful preachers: Dima, Volodya and Roman. After service we study Bible and ask questions if we don’t understand something. I really like that Jesus Christ is our way, truth and life (John 14:6). We cannot understand who our creator is, but we can appreciate everything He created.

Any human can have good qualities, but they will never be perfect. Only God is perfect. We are now in our humble bodies and we cannot see Him, but in eternity every one who believed in God will be delighted in seeing God. Now we can see Him by the deed He does in nature and history, when He changes the world by on word. He speaks with us through Bible and helps us pray. Amen. (John 4:24).

Konovalov Alexandr Arkadievich