Modern trends in the Creation problem

A seminar ETS took place in the Saint Mary Lutheran Church in St. Petersburg. Pastor Mikhail Ivanov seemed really interested in updating his congregation on modern trends in the Creation problem both form scientific and theological points of view. Igor Savich, the head of “Concordia” Foundation, told about modern view of a problem.Sem4

Firstly, he said that differences between evolutionary and creation theories can be mainly reduced to their attitude towards so called open systems.

Any object on the Earth can be marked as an open system, a system which exchanges energy or substance with its environment. Evolutionary theory claims that such system has to become more complicated with each change.

Sem3That has to lead to some positive shifts, first of all to entropy lessening on one hand and to accumulation of new managerial information on the other. According to scientific data, both things are impossible, because system entropy always increases if the system isn’t artificially supported. Besides, it has been proved that new information can be added only by a mind and with specific purpose.

Later on I. Savich showed that all changes of living organisms on the Earth are reduced to what is referred to as fluctuations, which are expressed in behavioral and body or organs changes. Though all possible changes, or fluctuations, have been predesignated by the Creator and are controlled by the mabaging information, set into each living organism by the Creator.

And I. Savich concluded that the only way our world became possible was its Creation by the Supreme Intelligence. Such Supreme Intelligence can only belong to God, who is described in Bible We can logically assume that the creation stages described in the first chapters in Bible precisely reflect appearance of our World and all the living creatures on the Earth.

All attendants were given brochures on the topic published by “Concordia”


Broadcast on radio

In June Marianna Nikolskaya (radio anchor) had a meeting with a Christian writer Ross_1 Elena Sokolova in Radio Rossiya . Their dialog was broadcasted at the radio station “Russia”. Igor Savich – the head of “Concordia Foundation” – was also present at the meeting.

Elena Sokolova told about her plans for future, shared her Ross_2opinion on bringing up children. They also spoke about moral aspects of children’s behavior at school and parents’ responsibility for their upbringing. Elena Sokolova expressed conviction that conflicts between parents and children quite often happen because parents underestimate their children’s intelligence.

Ross_3Igor Savich mentioned that high maturity and sophistication don’t make modern children kinder and more compassionate. Smart, but unkind person is a problem for society. At the end of the meeting, the sides reached an agreement, that audio versions of Elena Sokolova’s short stories “Mice” and the “Ocean” will be broadcasted during children hour at the “Radio Russya”. Other ways of the writer’s engagement in radio programs are still under negotiation. The project is done with “Concordia Foundation” support.

Events in the club for teenagers

It  was more or less quiet month after all tragedies. We are moving forward.kom_m3

At one meeting we learned how to bake cakes and tried to understand how God performed miracle with food for 5000 people!

Coming to the youth service in church has become our tradition. The topic of the service was 4 ways of watching, listening and absorbing information.

Each child who attends our club’s meetings has great difficulties in lives, and we know, that only God can solve unsolvable problems. For instance, one of the girl’s father was in a drinking bout for two months. Her mother decided to divorce him, and after that he started drinking again and left home.kom_m2

Lena has always had problems with self-esteem, and now communicating with people is very difficult for the girl because she looks at everything through the prism of the fact that her father has abandoned her. We want him to go to the rehabilitation center.

We read the Scriptures every club meeting, and try to do it creatively. The Word of God is Alive! We hope that changes will come.

kom_m1All the children are very different, but they all have similar problems. We pray, that awakening will start in Kommunar and the beginning of it will be our little club, taking care of teenagers, and we hope that after listening to the Gospel all citizens will be saved in the name of Jesus Christ.

We are getting ready to celebrate the 1st May (th Easter in Russia). We are going to evangelize hundreds of teenagers and young people on the Easter Day.

There will be musicians, games, contests and a sermon. We would like to hold that action in a very special place and to invite using Vkontakte social network all teenagers from Pudomyagi and Kommunar.


May 21st 2016 a concert where pieces by I. S. Bach were played took place in the St. night_1Mary Cathedral. The concert was part of the event called the “Night of Museums”, when people could buy one ticket and visit as many museums, exhibitions and concert as they wanted.

Before the concert a cathedral dean Mikhail Ivanov told about the history of the Lutheran culture in St. Petersburg, about two main characteristics of the Lutheran theology (special attention to the Word of God (Bible) and the Communion). Later on pastor told about music by I. S Bach, one of the most famous composers who expressed Lutheran ideas in music.

night_2After that the organ concert started. Konstantin Volostnov, a teacher from Moscow State Conservatory named after P. I. Tchaikovsky played Prelude and Fugue in C major, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, six Schubler Chorales and four Chorales from the Little Organ Book by I. S. Bach.

All visitors could get Christian books and brochures by “Concordia” Foundation at the information desk before, through and after the concert. There were the following night_3brochures: “Faith Facts”, “Victim, Victor, Victorious”, “Breaking Guilt Bonds”, “Read the Book”, “Through Foul and Fair”, “About Angels”, “Funfair Mirror Shatters-2”, “Self-control in the Addictive World”, “Is Going to Church Worth It?”.

Besides, everyone who wanted could get fliers with subscription for the free of charge course “Conversations about Christian Faith”.

Modern Trends in the Creation Studies


At the invitation of pastor of “Calvary Chapel” Church Boris Kozyr, I. Savich gave a lecture to participants of a conference for pastors of Evangelical Churches of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Smolensk which took place in “Parus” resort.

The lecture was dedicated to a topic of Modern Trends in the Creation Studies. I. Savich emphasized that differences between creations and evolutionary theories are practically based on their attitude towards open systems.

Pro-evolutionary theory scientists believe that such systems change sooner or later, becoming more complicated. Pro-creation theory scientists, on the contrary, show that open systems always degrade as the chaos increases (they prove it using laws of physics), unless they are synthetically supported. And that can be showed using any

objects around us: houses destroy, cars get rusty, machines break down, number of animal and plant species get smaller.

The next important fact proving Creation theory is information. It is well known that all living species can exist only because of genetic information, which lets them live: eat and breed.

It is also known, that information cannot appear from nowhere, in order for it to appear

mind and will of the Creator is needed. So, any self-complicacy of information (which the evolutionary theory supporters believe is true) is impossible and shows that evolution could have never happened. Everything shows that the world has been created.

At the end of the seminar everyone got books written by the lecturer in which proves of genuineness of Creation theory and falseness of evolutionary theory are given.