I serve time in prison of a settlement Ikovka in Ketov district of Kurgan Region. I was baptized in childhood, but only 25 years later I heard about Church and Christ. And I thank you for your precious work! The “Conversations” open the way to Jesus. With Св.Михаил праздник_S_1each lesson I learned more and more about God. I cannot go to church now, because I am in a solitary cell. The “Conversations” helped me strengthen my faith. I need communication with Christians, so I ask for yiur help in finding a church. I liked well-phrased questions of the “Conversations”, though the course is quite short, and I think it should be prolonged up to one year program with more questions.

For my whole life my family have suffered a lot. Many relatives have died for different reasons. We never knew about Christ, and those who knew, never believed. We all were exposed to radiation after accident on Semipalatinsk test site, and we all have different diseases. I am disabled since childhood, my mother and brothers too. My sisters and father died in fire. I once asked a question why everything was so bad in our lives?

But I never got an answer. Then I got to prison, where I met a man named Maxi, who always read Bible and seemed really cheerful. We became friends, and he helped me understand that all family troubles are God’s will. That is how God tries to get our attention and make us repent and let Jesus in our hearts. I struggled for a long time after that. But then I got a letter. My brother had got in a car accident and might stay paralyzed for his whole life. I fell on my knees and begged God to help my brother.

Every day I prayed to God about him, and finally I got the second letter, telling that my brother had raised form his bed and could walk, surprising all doctors. When I told my brother about praying about him, he was surprised, he told he had heard: “Get up and go” in his sleep, and after he had woken up, he got up and started walking. Now almost all members of my family have accepted God in our hearts.

Presentation of publications

Bibl_1Seminar featuring Savich took place in the Biblical Church of St. Petersburg. Igor Savich presented recent publications by “Concordia”, including brochures “Funfair Mirror Chips – 2”, “What Has the Muddy River Told?” and a book “Informatics of Creation”.

Igor Savich brought into focus that people have right to know the truth about the world order.

The main theses of the world order are described in all those books. Many people cannot accept the fact that the Origin of everything is Triune God. They cannot comprehend that and they try really hard to find any other explanation of everything surrounding us. Others prefer not to think about it at all.Bibl_2

Using simple examples Igor Savich illustrated how we can explain the main steps of Creation, avoiding controversial conclusions. People need time to accept a thought that the World has been created by God, and not appeared because of natural reasons. According to Igor Savich, the simples argument for Creation is the beauty and harmony of our World, and information, of course, the great amount of which is within every living organism.

International conference

An international conference “Creation as National Element. Creative Work’s Menanig: innovations and Dasein” took place in Saint-Petersburg State Economy University.

Philosophers from higher education establishments in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Orel, Phil_1Bryansk, Poltava, Alma-Aty and other towns from neighboring countries and beyond took part in the conference. Creative work of an individual is a capacious concept, that is why topics of speeches were quite diversified.

Igor Savich made a report on behalf of the “Concordia” Foundation. His report was named “Creativity in the Restoration of the Masterpiece as the anthropogenic induction”. Igor Savich said that though person’s creativity (altruism) is not connected with articles of daily necessity, it is a prominent figure in human life. Creating music, paintings or sculpture, using vocal apparatus while reciting texts, playing in plays or singing operas, using muscle strength in ballet or dancing.

Direct informational induction of a human is connected with usage of their mind, Phil2intelligence, knowledge as a powerful form of influence on their own kind. Firstly, it is creating texts in order to influence on psyche with the following change in behavioral reactions. Skilfully made advertising makes a person buy things which they haven’t planned on buying, do something they haven’t planned, speak things they haven’t been aware of. Audio texts and visual images (television, cinema, the Internet) induce even more powerful behavioral and psychological fluctuations. We already know about Internet-addiction and computer games addiction.

Anthropogenic inductions becomes stronger with scientific and technical progress and accumulation of information about our environment. Information generates knowledge, and knowledge is used as induction tools. Nowadays we have real chance of using biotechnological methods for reproductive cloning. Though Igor Savich warned against Phil21possible negative consequences of beothechnological methods used for human cloning.

He emphasized that according to Christian point of view, physical body and nonmaterial soul are mysteriously tangled together. Genetic information of our parents influences our personality formation in complex ways. Heredity is an important element, but our deeds and out faith cannot be predetermined only by genetic program. Destroying human embryos we do not know price or consequences of that action. From evolutionary materialism point of view, those actions are fully justified, since they bring health and increase survival rate of human kind. But does it meet the original intent of the Author? It is probably a rhetoric question.


Summer of Igor Baranchikov

Ofanj5Concordia Foundation support Christian singer Igor Baranchikov.

He had a very busy concert schedule in June 2016. He gave concerts for both adults and children.

Here is his story:

“From 02.06.2016 – 06.06.2016 I had a trip to orphanages in children’s camps in the cities Aleksin – Bogoroditsk – Lipetsk – Tambov – Voronezh – Novomoskovsk. And held 11 concerts – attended by about 500 person /total/.

I  held concerts in special children’s camps for the sick kids – someone with Ofanj4tuberculosis or other diseases.

June 11th – evening with a disabled artist Andrey Afonin took place in Moscow culture center “Pokrovskiye Gates”. There were 35 guests.

June 14 a concert for disabled people in Tsaritsino. There were about 70 guests.

June 22 (day of the beginning of the Second World War )  I held concert in the center of the help for the homeless. It was attended by 35 people”.Homles

Igor also held two concerts for orphan children in the camps of the Tula region.

06/24/2016 – children’s camp “Salute” – was attended by 250 people.

06/25/2016 – health resort for children – “Sunny” – was attended by 50 people.Ofanj1