Igor visited orphans

igor5August 4th and 5th Igor Baranchikov visited orphans in 5 institutions in Tver’ Region.

In Torzhok he visited tuberculosis sanatorium for children. There were 90 people.


igor4In Vyshny Volochek he visited an orphanage for children with the light form of ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis). There were 110 people.

In village Dyatlovo he visited an orphanage. There were 35 people.


igor3In town Udomlya he visited sanatorium for orphans. There were 100 people.

In Tver’ he visited “The Rainbow” – sanatorium for orphans . There were 100 people.


igor2Everywhere Igor was met with happiness and admiration.

Now Igor is planning to visit Vladimir Region and he is thankful for your support.

It was fantastic!

In summer we had a camp for children from three villages, where our clubs are: lager4Elizavetino, Kommunar and Glazhevo. There also were some children from Pushkin, Volkhov and Pavlovsk.

And it was fantastic! God works among kids, and everyone sees that, even those who only worked as a driver or cooks in our camp. There were 32 children, but we were ready.

Children were divided into 4 groups, each had 2 mentors. Within 5 days everyone lager5“visited” different countries, got to know their culture, and history.

We had time for everything: games, pranks, swimming in the Gulf of Finland in different temperatures (teenagers don’t pay attention to such details).

In afternoons, we had seminars on serious topics, and in evenings mentors discussed those things with children from their groups.

lager2Last evening, when we were all sitting under the tent because of the rain, one boy asked me, what we were going to do if it was raining during the final fire. And I immediately answered, we would pray.

It is so great to be God Almighty’s daughter! God stopped the rain and we had really great farewell time. And now we lager1are waiting together with them their further steps: strengthening of their faith and relying on our Heavenly Father. And we will continue working in order to be their guides to God.

Seminar in Veliky Novgorod

A seminar took place in the Evangelical-Lutheran church in Veliky Novgorod. Igor VN3Savich told about “Concordia” Foundation projects: financial aid for publishing of different brochures, which cover various important topics: family and marriage, solving problems in our life, is going to church worth it, how to overcome consequences of negative events or even abuse, how to fight against temptations and addictions, Christian faith arguments, and many other subjects.

VN1Igor Savich also called for participation in the Foundation’s educational projects, which are aimed to eliminate spiritual illiteracy. He also emphasized that 2017 will be anniversary of Reformation, on this occasion “Concordia” has published 2 brochures.

At the end of the seminar Igor Savich told about the latest achievements in the field of our world creation theory. He sait that information, encoded in all living creatures, “works” according to specific programs. And those three notions of information science (information, code and program) are indisputable evidence of creation of life, not its emersion from non-organic substance.

Public lecture

Dr. Biochemistry Igor Savich gave a public lecture named “How Our World Appeared” in a bookshop “Bookvoed” in Ligovsky prospect in Saint-Petersburg. He presented two points of view on the issue. The first one, which represents the most common opinion, Bukvoed_1tells that everything appeared on its own. Nature is the factor which has creative ability. All living species originate from non-living things and with the help of evolutionary processes (which Bukvoed_2by the way, have never been seen) we got all surrounding us things. That is evolutionary point of view.

Igor Savich said that there is a second opinion, which tells that the whole world in all its diversity has been created by God. That point of view is well founded from the perspective of the modern natural sciences.

Firstly, the law of increasing entropy in open systems never would have “allowed” something more complicated to appear from something less complicated. And we can find many examples of that law in the world around us.

Bukvoed_4Secondly, information, which all living organisms are literally “stuffed with”, can never appear or become more complex on its own, without any Mind’s input.

Thirdly, all processes in our world are connected by cause and effect links, and God is the origin of everything. It can be easily shown using ligic, basic principles and common sense.

Fourthly, nature is neutral, it is not capable of creativity. Only Mind is capable of using nature’s resources and make something rational and harmonious.Bukvoed_3

And finally, fifthly, life is the unlikely event if we look at the first four arguments. In order for life to appear and develop, the Mind is necessary. That Mind’s creative power and intent have given the beginning of life.

In conclusion, Igor Savich said that there is only one answer to the question how our world appeared: God has created it.