ETS seminar

ETS seminar took place in the Evangelical-Lutheran church in Ennolovo village of SPb Region.  Igor Savich told about “Concordia” Foundation projects  and especially about publications.ets-seminar-in-ennolovo-church-1

It were present  different brochures, which cover various important topics: family and marriage, solving problems in our life, is going to church worth it, how to overcome consequences of negative events or even abuse, how to fight against temptations and addictions, Christian faith arguments, and many other subjects.

Igor also emphasized that 2017 will be anniversary of Reformation, on this occasion “Concordia” has published 2 brochures that can be used for general public as a first step for invitation to the church.ets-seminar-in-ennolovo-church-3

At the end of the seminar Igor Savich talked about information, encoded in all living creatures, “works” according to specific programs. And those three notions of information science (information, code and program) are indisputable evidence of creation of life, not its emersion from non-organic substance. He said that this topic can be used also as a first step for arising interest in people and possibility to talk about God as Creator of this world (see pictures).

Creation Ministry

An apologetic seminar “I know Who I Have Come to Believe” took place in the Church of Christ on the Neva River. “Concordia” representatives were there. Jim Baird – apologetic-seminar-3professor from Christian University of Oklahoma was the main speaker. He spoke on the following topics:

-Faith, Mind and Testimony;

-Case for God: morals and beauty;

-Case for God: freedom and goal;

-Case for God: inconceivable efficiency of science;

-Case for God: fine tuning of the Universe; and some other.

He said that simple theories are the most enticing. That is why zero and infinity draw so many people. At the same time, infinity cannot be understood by a human.

That is God’s domain, foundation of His existence. Professor Baird also noted that human morals contradicts evolving principles. Beauty of nature is percepted by humans as beauty. That understanding couldn’t happen but for the Creation. The way our Universe is fine-tuned, all physical laws and constants clearly argue for their Creator.

Participants of the conference, who came from different regions of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine, were offered apologetic books, published by “Concordia” Foundation: “Shatters of a Wrong Mirror”, “What a Muddy River Told”, “Informatics of Creation” and Petrozavodsk creationism conference proceedings.

That was unforgettable!

Korelia1Children had been planning that camping trip for a long time. They prayed. There are results, we have had lots of positive moments. We experienced a lot: we worked together (we came to a wild place, where there wasn’t anything, so we all together prepared the place for camping, cooked food, gathered mushrooms and berries, went fishing, built a pier, gathered wood for the fire), we all together read Bible and prayed.

We even survived a 6-hour Korelia2long storm. During the storm we all were under a tent, which was leaking and boys shielded the fire with their bodies.

But the most important thing is that all teenagers were gathered all together and were singing Christian songs from our hymnbook until the rain stopped.

That was unforgettable. We became even more knit together. We hadn’t wanted to waste opportunity to spend time Korelia3together, so we decided to try. We delivered everything into God’s hands and went camping.

We thank Goв that everything went so smoothly! There were not many children. The whole trip cost us 32000 rubles. We thank you for your help and prayers for ministry in Karelia!