We are looking for solutions

komm1We are having rough time now. Each member of our team is facing spiritual battles.

  1. We cannot continue renting the place we used to gather in in spring, because of the new legislation (the place is a residential unit, and there can’t be any religious activity). We didn’t manage to find a new place during summer: there are no suitable (rent and conditions) places in Kommunar. Due to that we cannot open a new club for new teenagers, and we cannot meet with teenagers from last year. So we are looking for solutions.
  2. A small group for those who want to be baptized gathers in the only cafe in Kommunar, where people under 18 are allowed.
  3. We keep having Sunday services for teenagers, but we see that the world is taking over teenagers. Many of them are shamed at school for their faith and they grow cool towards Christ. Nevertheless we keep working and try to do what we can, and look for creative ways to solve troubles which wait for us on the way!
  4. We are getting ready for launching master-classes, anti-cafe, football team. All those events are going to be used for spreading the Good News!
  5. We had several meetings with those who are getting ready to be baptized. There were only 6 teenagers out of 16. So we really see how strong the spiritual war for young souls is.

Seminar in the educational center


ETS seminar took place in the educational center of local Orthodox church. Igor Savich told about “Concordia” Foundation work., about their work among inmates, radio-programs, work with children and teenagers.


ets-seminar-in-petrozavodsk-3He also told about Foundation’s work with Creation theory, mentioned options of using different aspects of Creation theory in educational programs in secondary school.

Igor Savich showed main differences between evolutionism and creationism. And he answered many questions from attendees aboout creation theory.

Сenter for children

1center-in-petrozadoskIgor Savich met the head center for children in Petrozavodsk Evgeniy Zinin. Evgeniy showed the house where meetings with children are held. It is an old wooden house on the outskirts of Petrozavodsk. One of the volunteers – Lubov – lives there, which makes her work with children more efficient.

2center-in-petrozadoskMore than 30 children are regular attendants. All of them are from nearby houses. Their parents are too busy during the day to look after them. Lubov is not the only volunteer. Andrey takes active part in lessons.

He is volunteer form the church. Children in the center listen to Bible verses, have Bible lessons, practice little plays  on Biblical topics on regular basis. Those plays are then shown in local Baptist church.3day-children-center-jpg

The building of the church is not finished yet, and Evgeniy, who is pastor of the church, showed the building to Igor Savich. Evegeniy is married. His wife’s name is Dina. They have two children: David and Eva, they also took part in the children center’s life. This year the are having troubles with central heating. Evgeniy in prayer askes God to help solve those problems, because the hoses’s location is very convenient for their work with local children.

Anti-drug campaign

A concert of Christian rock-band “Crying Voice” took place in Medical College named by V. M. Bekhterev in St. Petersburg. The concert was supported by “Concordia” Foundation. The concert was part of anti-drug and pro-healthy lifestyle campaign.

College hall holds about 250 people and it was packed. In the beginning lead singer of the group Alexey Chernovolov showed a film with interview with drug addicts which he took himself. Alexey told about how treacherous drug addiction is, that addiction starts even after the first drug usage, that drugs ruin health and personality of everyone, even successful and sensible people.

After that the group sang several hits from its album “Acoustic”: songs, called “Grass”, “What Will Happen to You”, “Without Love”, “She” and others. From song to sons students became more and more involved, they clapped their hands, moved in tact with music and repeated song words after the singer.

Songs texts include words about personal responsibility for every day we live towards God, about how fast the life goes, about judgment day which awaits everyone. “What will happen to you if you die tomorrow?”

One of the students told that during the concert tears were streaming down his cheeks. And when he was asked that men normally don’t cry, he answered, that he was so overwhelmed with emotions that it was impossible not to cry. He was glad to get to know a rock group he had never heard about before. And he promised to learn more about their art on the group’s web-site.

After the concert everyone who wanted could get brochures “Self-control in the World of Addictions” for free. Those brochures were published by “Concordia” and they tell about fighting against different physical, mental and spiritual addictions. About 200 brochures were taken after the concert.

College administration decided to have the second concert of “Crying Voice” in November.

Songs about family life

Project of the Church of Ingria and “Concordia” Foundatin for releasing CD with Anna Mityakova songs. Anna Mityakova is a song writer and performer. Her music is about faith and Christian life. Her songs are accompanied by the guitar and the harp. It is aimed to general public.

The CD with songs about Anna Mityakova’s family called Not Only About Love was recorded with “Concordia” support.

The project authors describe the album:

Dear friend,

We are happy to introduce that album with the author’s compositions revealing the secret of family happiness to you. You might find something new for your soul on that CD as well. Nowadays when people pursue money, pleasure, we can easily forget something really important in all the hassle.

 Each person looks for peace for their souls and for love. But sometimes they cannot get it. In that case we need help of the One who is Love Himself. We need faith and hope.

The CD contains songs not about love as attraction between people of different genders, but about mother’s love, spouses’ love, about Love which doesn’t seek her own and is ready to give life for you because she really loves…