Presentation of a new edition

Presentation of a new book “Conversations about Apostle Paul’s Book of Philippians” took place in St. Mary’s Church in St. Petersburg. The book contains real sermons based on text of that Book which were given by prior of ST. Mary’s Church Michail Ivanov in the Evangelical-Lutheran cathedral of St. Mary.

In his short speech Michail Ivanov shared that the Book of Philippians is a short book, which has only four chapters. But the number of topics Paul discusses in it is astonishing. Michail is sure that Paul’s words written to Macedonian city Philippi will allow everyone to realize that Bible is still essential in lives of modern Christians.

In the final part of his speech, Michail Ivanov expessed his gratitude to “Concordia” Foundation for supporting the publication financially.

Igor Savich, the head of “Concordia” Foundation said that the Church of Ingria has always been the main partner of the



Foundation, and it is great privilege to take part in projects by the Church of Ingria. Igor Savich also expressed his sincere belief that this publication will be a blessing for members of the parish and will serve to strengthen their faith and understanding of the inexhaustible grace of God’s Word.

«Generations Meeting»

January 18th a concert “” took place in the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of St. Anna. The concert was devoted to the evangelical culture in the Soviet Russia and it was part of annual festival mg1“Epiphany Nights”. This year the festival is coincided with 500-th anniversary of Reformation.

“Epiphany Nights” festival resumes historical concerts which took place in St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Nevskiy Prospect. In 1817 the 300th anniversary of Reformation was celebrated in that Cathedral. The next 400th anniversary was in 1917.

mg2This year about 150 people came to listen to the concert in the Church of St. Anna. Christmas songs were played by a band of English hand bell players under the baton of artistic director and conductor Vladimir Kosholaba. Besides, Christian hymns were presented a Capella by a men choir under the baton of Vitaliy Dudkin.

In addition to that pastor of Saint-Petersburg Evangelical Church Petr Lunichkin shared his memories of spiritual atmosphere in mg3which Evangelical churches were developing in the Soviet period.

Evgeniy Raskatov – deacon of St. Anna Church told about complicated history of the church. Since it is the oldest Lutheran church in Saint-Petersburg, among its members were families of pre-revolution industrialists Nobel and Faberge. Karl Brullov – a famous artist of the XIXth century got married there.

In the Soviet times the church was closed, and its building was converted into cinema. In 1990-s rock-club and casino were placed in the building. And only 8 years ago after the fire the building was given to the Lutheran Parish of the Church of Ingria.

There was also a speech by historian of Evangelical movement, pastor from Velikiy Novgorod.

“Concordia” Foundation was one of the sponsors of the event. The number of  copies of the following brochures were given to those mg5who came to the concert: “What Do Lutherans Believe?”, “The Case for Faith”, “Read the Book”. Besides, brochure “Funfair Mirror Shards”, “What the Muddy River Tells” were also given to the audience. And about 100 pocket 2017 Bible calendars were given out. Those calendars contain advertising of web-site as a source of modern information about Christianity.


I realized that I really need God

I serve time in prison in Novoaltays town, Altay Territory. Before reading “Conversation” I used to think I was a Christian, but themaxim-gackov “Conversations” helped me know more about God and His mercy to us, His love to sinners, and the fact that we need Him.

The “Conversation” helped me understand the basics of Christian faith. We are saved by our faith in Jesus Christ and we are not going to die but will have eternal life. The “Conversations” helped me know more about God: God’s peace is always in our hearts.

. My spiritual problem before reading the “Conversations” was that I starved spiritually, and now I read, pray, and speak with God. The “Conversations” helped me also with my free time: I now spend it communicating with God.

I would like to ask you help me find a church after I am released. Now I am ready to go to church on regular basis, because I have constant wish which now is going to take away: I know I need God. And I want to find friends among Christians, who could help me grow spiritually, we can exchange letters for now.

I liked everything about the “Conversations”: everything is useful for correction, studying and improvement. I am really glad that God let me get to know Him better and leads me to eternal life.

I realized that I really need God, because without Him I am incapable of dealing with sin and changing my life. For we have been saved through faith. I used to have lots of spiritual questions, but managed to find answers to them in the course. May God bless all of you!


Anti-drug event

A concert, devoted to prevention of psychoactove substance usage in the agrotechnical college village Begunitsy in Kingisepp District, Leningrad Region.beg-2jpg

335 students are studying at the College. Young people are learning to be electricians, car mechanics, housekeeper (for girls), there is also a group for disabled people.

beg-1Information shared with students was warmly received, students asked a lot of questions and shared their opinion.

College administration thanked participants of the concert, the material given to students, “Concordia”-published brochure “Self-Control in the World of Addictions” particularly, was highly appreciated.

Students and teachers of the College  hope for further meetings.



Сharitable action

bar_3Shortly before New Year and Christmas holidays the governor of Vladimir region authorized a charitable action called “Kind Deeds Marathon”, within which disable children, children from large families and children from needy families are given presents.

December 20th 2016 a New Year play “Before the New Year” was shown in a concert hall of the Department of Social Protection in Vladimir. After that children were given sweet presents.

bar_2The event was organized by the Department of Social Security in Vladimir and Vladimir regional branch of Russian Charitable Foundation “Russian Children Fund”.

Children watched a new year play with Father Frost (Russian Santa Claus) and his granddaughter Snow Maiden.

Guests were met by mascots and animators, who traveled to the wonderful country of fairy0tales with children.bar_4

“Concordia” Foundation supported a concert for children from large families given by Igor Vladimirovich Baranchikov – a songwriter and head of Russian music and entertainment program “Childhood”, and a poet Elena Sedova. Both guests are from Moscow.

70 large families and families with disabled children took part in that event. 130 children get New Year presents from Father Frost.