Prison ministry for teenagers

Together with Andrey Evert’s, group “Concordia” visited juvenile correctional facility for teenagers aged 14 to 17 in the suburb of St. Petersburg. The facility holds teenagers from the whole North-West region of Russia, who committed serious teen2crimes.

The colony has school and a career education workshop. 55 teenagers attended the event. We made photos and videos of the whole event.

The concert started with performance by an illusionist Aleksey Shirovick. After that a missionary from Israel told children about the Holy Land – Jesus Christ’s Homeland, about opportunity to be saved through faith and gave them informational brochures.

teen1Andrey Evert sang two songs, one of which was a Christian ballade about a mother. Then a video of a prison minister was shown to teenagers. On that video the minister tells how God saved him when he was in prison, how he was miraculously released from prison by president’s decree, and how he was given the chance to be a minister among prisoners.

At the end, we presented brochures of the first part of the course “Conversations about Christian faith”, each copy had an notebook and envelopes to send letters to “Concordia”. 55 brochures were taken by those teenagers who were present at the concert, 45 more brochures were given to the facility administration to be passed to those who hadn’t attended the concert. In total, 100 brochures of the first part of “Conversations” were given that day.

Creation Science Ministry

lecture-in-st-anna-church-%d1%83-3A public lecture “How Did Our World Appear?” by Igor Savich took place in St. Anna’s Church. About 25 people attended it. Igor Savich told that there are two points of view on how our World appeared.

The first one is evolutionary theory, which tells that everything appeared on its own. All those processes happened within several billion years. And that process lead us to the world which surrounds us now.

The lecturer emphasized that the theory is completely anti-scientific and completely contradicts data which is available nowadays. The second point of view is connected with Biblical doctrine of Creation and it is proved by the second law of thermodynamics and those informational processes which are easily discovered in the world around us, starting from micro-level and finishing with processes in human society.

The lecturer showed convincing proof of Creation theory. Attendees were offered brochures by “Concordia” and opportunity to enrol to the free of charge course of Christian faith basics (see pictures).


ETS seminar

olonez-town1ETS seminar was held in the ELCI in town Olonets (pastor Igor Pokormyakho). There were 22 people. 15 people left their contact information in the registration sheet. 6 of them wrote they wanted to become “Concordia” volunteers.

Olonets is a small town on the South of the Republic of Karelia with population of 8000 people.

Problem of alcoholism is the most acute one in Olonets. It is caused by unemployment and despair. That is why the audience paid special attention to the brochure “Self-Control in the olonez-town3Addictive World”. Besides, they asked about better ways of preaching to their non-believing relatives and friends.

Right before the seminar during service pastor Igor Pokoromyakho preached that Jesus is always with us in all our problems, sins and weaknesses.

That is the problem of how we can be near people who have problems, like Jesus did, was discussed during the seminar. olonez-town2How can we, as Christians, love people, empathize them, help them without taking part in their sins? How can we defeat our own sins and become victors in complicated situations? Helping those who are in need with words or actions is the best way of personal evangelism.

Winter Сamp

The camp was successful, though there were some spiritual battles. Nevertheless  Children were happy to have this good camp during vacation. The camp on the Christmas Day (January 7th) was finished with celebration and prayer!

We bought 55 presents for children and gave all of them to children, we showed several peformances in Leningrad Region. Though there were less children in Elizavetino than we had expected, there were more in Kirishi, so the number was balanced out. The performance was a puppet play for little kids.

There was much sport, trainings, Bible studies, games and theater plays. We studied several topics: “A Walk with God”, “Struggle and Blessing”, “Fractal”, “The Nature of God’s Life”.

About Petrozavodsk: we celebrated Christmas, gave presents, went camping. Everyday work in our center is done as usual.

childtrens-camp-in-kirishah-2 childtrens-camp-in-kirishah-5 childtrens-camp-in-kirishah-6 childtrens-camp-in-kirishah-7 childtrens-camp-in-kirishah-9 childtrens-camp-in-kirishah-11 childtrens-camp-in-kirishah-10