«Generations Meeting»

January 18th a concert “” took place in the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of St. Anna. The concert was devoted to the evangelical culture in the Soviet Russia and it was part of annual festival mg1“Epiphany Nights”. This year the festival is coincided with 500-th anniversary of Reformation.

“Epiphany Nights” festival resumes historical concerts which took place in St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Nevskiy Prospect. In 1817 the 300th anniversary of Reformation was celebrated in that Cathedral. The next 400th anniversary was in 1917.

mg2This year about 150 people came to listen to the concert in the Church of St. Anna. Christmas songs were played by a band of English hand bell players under the baton of artistic director and conductor Vladimir Kosholaba. Besides, Christian hymns were presented a Capella by a men choir under the baton of Vitaliy Dudkin.

In addition to that pastor of Saint-Petersburg Evangelical Church Petr Lunichkin shared his memories of spiritual atmosphere in mg3which Evangelical churches were developing in the Soviet period.

Evgeniy Raskatov – deacon of St. Anna Church told about complicated history of the church. Since it is the oldest Lutheran church in Saint-Petersburg, among its members were families of pre-revolution industrialists Nobel and Faberge. Karl Brullov – a famous artist of the XIXth century got married there.

In the Soviet times the church was closed, and its building was converted into cinema. In 1990-s rock-club and casino were placed in the building. And only 8 years ago after the fire the building was given to the Lutheran Parish of the Church of Ingria.

There was also a speech by historian of Evangelical movement, pastor from Velikiy Novgorod.

“Concordia” Foundation was one of the sponsors of the event. The number of  copies of the following brochures were given to those mg5who came to the concert: “What Do Lutherans Believe?”, “The Case for Faith”, “Read the Book”. Besides, brochure “Funfair Mirror Shards”, “What the Muddy River Tells” were also given to the audience. And about 100 pocket 2017 Bible calendars were given out. Those calendars contain advertising of gtgold.ru web-site as a source of modern information about Christianity.


Сharitable action

bar_3Shortly before New Year and Christmas holidays the governor of Vladimir region authorized a charitable action called “Kind Deeds Marathon”, within which disable children, children from large families and children from needy families are given presents.

December 20th 2016 a New Year play “Before the New Year” was shown in a concert hall of the Department of Social Protection in Vladimir. After that children were given sweet presents.

bar_2The event was organized by the Department of Social Security in Vladimir and Vladimir regional branch of Russian Charitable Foundation “Russian Children Fund”.

Children watched a new year play with Father Frost (Russian Santa Claus) and his granddaughter Snow Maiden.

Guests were met by mascots and animators, who traveled to the wonderful country of fairy0tales with children.bar_4

“Concordia” Foundation supported a concert for children from large families given by Igor Vladimirovich Baranchikov – a songwriter and head of Russian music and entertainment program “Childhood”, and a poet Elena Sedova. Both guests are from Moscow.

70 large families and families with disabled children took part in that event. 130 children get New Year presents from Father Frost.

Concert of folk-group

A concert for children took place in the theater “Fruits of the otava17_1Enlightenment”, located in Grand Canyon Shopping Mall in Saint-Petersburg. The concert was given by a folk-group “Otava Yo” and a theater group “Mr. Pejo’s Wandering Dolls”. There were about 300 children at the concert. “Concordia” Foundation sponsored the event.

The concert was devoted to the oncoming Christmas. It began with a puppet play about Savior’s birth accompanied by “Otava Yo” and minstrel’s bywords.

After that “Otava Yo” performed old Russian carol songs, some of which are older than 800 years. Then actors invited willing children and their parents take part in khorovod (circle dance). At the end, actors of the puppet theater group gave children sweet Christmas presents.

The concert caused excitement in many children: they clapped hands, jumped from their places and crowed.

At the exit both children and adults got 200 pocket calendars with “Concordia” logo, 20 brochures “Bible Lessons for Children: New Testament”, 30 flyers with invitation to do a correspondence course “Conversations about Christian Faith”, and about 20 bookmarks advertising the foundation programs.


Festival “Re-ligo”

A final concert of spiritual music festival “Re-ligo” took place in the building of the Lutheran Cathedral named after St. Peter and Paul 2boy(Peterkirche). That annual festival is a contest of young musicians, both individual presenters and performance groups.

“Concordia” Foundation is one of the festival sponsors. The contest is organized by the Culture Committee of the government of Saint-Petersburg. The festival is anchored by Dmitry Valentinovich Schirin, professor of Saint-Petersburg university of culture.

1fleetThis time the final concert gathered almost full house. Gran-pri was won by an 11-year old flute-payer. The girl executed several solo pieces for flute accompanied by the piano.

Orchestra of violins and cellos perfectly presented “Concerto Grosso” by I. S. Bach. A choir of 8 girls and boys presented old Russian spiritual songs a capella and accompanied by Russian gusli. They received a whirlwind of applause.

Another youth choir presented Oratio Dominica by Russian composer of the XX century Alphred Shnitke. Combination of God’s prayer in Church-Slavic language and modern style of Shnitke’s music was quite unique.

Speaking about other bright performances, a violin quartet by A. Vivaldi transcribed for four saxophones and pieces for a violin for by D. Shostakovich, in which solo was also played by saxophone, sounded especially creatively.

The concert was completed by a choir of Chinese students of Saint-Petersburg Pedagogic University, who performed a song about Leningrad by V. Soloviev-Sedov and Russian “Chimes” by V. Gavrilin.

At the end of the concert, jury granted prizes to the brightest artists. There were 40 colorful table calendars published by “Concordia”.

100 flyers containing invitations to do the correspondence course “Conversations about Christian Faith” by “Concordia” Foundation as well as 100 pocket calendars and about 20 bookmarks, advertising Foundation programs.

Anti-drug campaign

A concert of Christian rock-band “Crying Voice” took place in Medical College named by V. M. Bekhterev in St. Petersburg. The concert was supported by “Concordia” Foundation. The concert was part of anti-drug and pro-healthy lifestyle campaign.

College hall holds about 250 people and it was packed. In the beginning lead singer of the group Alexey Chernovolov showed a film with interview with drug addicts which he took himself. Alexey told about how treacherous drug addiction is, that addiction starts even after the first drug usage, that drugs ruin health and personality of everyone, even successful and sensible people.

After that the group sang several hits from its album “Acoustic”: songs, called “Grass”, “What Will Happen to You”, “Without Love”, “She” and others. From song to sons students became more and more involved, they clapped their hands, moved in tact with music and repeated song words after the singer.

Songs texts include words about personal responsibility for every day we live towards God, about how fast the life goes, about judgment day which awaits everyone. “What will happen to you if you die tomorrow?”

One of the students told that during the concert tears were streaming down his cheeks. And when he was asked that men normally don’t cry, he answered, that he was so overwhelmed with emotions that it was impossible not to cry. He was glad to get to know a rock group he had never heard about before. And he promised to learn more about their art on the group’s web-site.

After the concert everyone who wanted could get brochures “Self-control in the World of Addictions” for free. Those brochures were published by “Concordia” and they tell about fighting against different physical, mental and spiritual addictions. About 200 brochures were taken after the concert.

College administration decided to have the second concert of “Crying Voice” in November.


May 21st 2016 a concert where pieces by I. S. Bach were played took place in the St. night_1Mary Cathedral. The concert was part of the event called the “Night of Museums”, when people could buy one ticket and visit as many museums, exhibitions and concert as they wanted.

Before the concert a cathedral dean Mikhail Ivanov told about the history of the Lutheran culture in St. Petersburg, about two main characteristics of the Lutheran theology (special attention to the Word of God (Bible) and the Communion). Later on pastor told about music by I. S Bach, one of the most famous composers who expressed Lutheran ideas in music.

night_2After that the organ concert started. Konstantin Volostnov, a teacher from Moscow State Conservatory named after P. I. Tchaikovsky played Prelude and Fugue in C major, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, six Schubler Chorales and four Chorales from the Little Organ Book by I. S. Bach.

All visitors could get Christian books and brochures by “Concordia” Foundation at the information desk before, through and after the concert. There were the following night_3brochures: “Faith Facts”, “Victim, Victor, Victorious”, “Breaking Guilt Bonds”, “Read the Book”, “Through Foul and Fair”, “About Angels”, “Funfair Mirror Shatters-2”, “Self-control in the Addictive World”, “Is Going to Church Worth It?”.

Besides, everyone who wanted could get fliers with subscription for the free of charge course “Conversations about Christian Faith”.