Testimony of prisoner

I serve a life sentence in prison in town Sol-Iletsk (Orenburg Region). Before reading the “Conversations” I believed somewhere deep inside, but after doing the course, it became easier to understand God’s Word. I studied at school only for for years, but with the “Conversations” I better understand the basics of Christianity. The course helped me know more about God. There are questions and answers to those questions.

When I was reading Bible or New Testament, I didn’t understand many things written, but the “Conversations” explain really thoroughly. I read Bible every day, I don’t swear, don’t smoke, help my cellmates. I need your help with finding a church, since I think it is better to communicate with believers and become stronger in my faith. Our Lord changes even the worst of criminals, we read about that in Apostle Paul’s Epistle. Our Lord Jesus Christ came to this world to save me, He gave His life, took my sins, and cleansed me of all the dirt, and gave me eternal life.

Once I got really sick. It was decomposition of lungs. Blood blew from throat. I was moved to prison hospital. Doctors said it was my time to die. I prayed staying in bed. I didn’t get up, doctors stopped giving me any medicine. But God heard me and gave me another chance. In some time I became stronger, started getting up. Doctors couldn’t believe I got better. And since then I have believed in God, I try not to sin and to live according to how He wants us to live. Human beings always look for trouble and create problems for themselves, that is why I have chosen to be with God and I am grateful to Him for everything.

I am sending my photo with this letter. It is the only copy I have. Can you please make some extra copies and send them back to me. My brothers in faith ask me for my photo, but I cannot give it to them.

Thank you! May God bless you!

Erdenkov Ilya Mikhailovich

I was not a Christian before

I live in town Vyborg in Leningrad Region. I hadn’t been a Christian before I read the ”Conversations”. The course helped me understand who God is and what the basics of Св.Михаил праздник_S_1the Christian faith are. I started going to Peter and Paul Church in Vyborg, my spiritual problems have been solved, I grew stronger in my faith while doing the course and found one of the best churches and I am now going there on regular basis.

One of the main things I liked about the course, was that we are saved only by the name of Christ (Acts 4:12). I liked everything in the course about our Savior Jesus Christ.

I was not a Christian before I did the course, but my mother and my sister had been praying for me. And now I have faith and go to church regularly. We have wonderful preachers: Dima, Volodya and Roman. After service we study Bible and ask questions if we don’t understand something. I really like that Jesus Christ is our way, truth and life (John 14:6). We cannot understand who our creator is, but we can appreciate everything He created.

Any human can have good qualities, but they will never be perfect. Only God is perfect. We are now in our humble bodies and we cannot see Him, but in eternity every one who believed in God will be delighted in seeing God. Now we can see Him by the deed He does in nature and history, when He changes the world by on word. He speaks with us through Bible and helps us pray. Amen. (John 4:24).

Konovalov Alexandr Arkadievich

Enjoying children BCC

A new edition   BCC  for  children is very much approved by  audience:

Peace be with you,

bcc_chlI am a missionary sent by an evangelic church to a town Slavyansk-upon-Kuban. We have a small group of believers, some of whom are young children. Your material helps us communicate with children during Sunday school lessons and we are very grateful for that.

May God bless you for all your trouble!

Sergey Fedotov (Slavyansk-upon-Kuban’, Krasnodar Region (27.07.2015)

____________________________________________________________Thank you very much! We will be happy to get next volumes of Bible Lessons for Children! And The Bible Lessons are very helpful.

Best regards,

Ekaterina (Moscow, 27.07.2015)


I have received several brochures as a present from you. We have been studying them with my granddaughter Varya, who is now 7 years old.
I have learned a lot of things myself. Varya now reads them on her own. Varya’s mother, my adopted daughter, doesn’t go to church now, though she used to until she was 20.
I do hope that God will continue to speak to her through her daughter and will keep inviting to join the church.
Thank you very much! Youe deeds are not vain!

Elena Boretskaya (vil. Neklyudovo, Nizhniy Novgorod Region, 24.07.2015)

Dear team,

Thank you for your help.

We received “Bible Lessons for Children” some time ago.

As far as I know, our child has loved them. I am sure, that God works in the little person’s heart through them. Thank you for your offer to help find a church. But I am from Minsk and have been going to church since mid 1990-s.

Blessings in your work.

Sincerely yours,

Dmitry Morgan (Minsk, Belorussia, 24.07.2015)


Thank you for brochures. I have been with God since 2001. Almost all the time I have been a member of ministry for children. At the moment, I am a leader fro children and youth ministry. I have a teacher’s degree. When I came to church, I didn’t choose me ministry. Everything was clear from the very beginning. Children! We use a program, but this summer we are using your “Bible Lessons for Children” to revise main ideas. My grandchildren have been in church since they were born. There are many children in our church. Our town is small – about 50000 people. There is the orthodox church, mosque and our protestant church. At the moment, there are about 40 children from 0 to 15 in our church. They are divided into four groups according to age for their Bible lessons. We will soon build a new building for the church, so an old one will be fully devoted to children ministry. Then we will be able to give lessons to all groups, including infants. I have several people who help me: a young man who is a primary school teacher, a girl studying in pedagogic college and several other, who don’t have pedagogic degree, but their hearts are willing to work with children. I praise God for everyone who is not indifferent to children ministry.

Sincerely yours,

Lyubov Nikolaevna

LyubovKochkina (Satka, Chelyabinsk Region, 24.07.2015)


Dear team,

Thank you very much for your brochures. They are great!
My wife, me and our grandson go to church together.

We were all happy to read your brochures.

May good success attend you in your ministry!


Aleksey Vladimirovich (Moscow, 24.07.2015)


Hello. Thank you for your brochures. We are a Christian family with many children. We go to church. Now we look through pictures in brochures with our children, because they are too little to read. Thank you for your work. I think soon our children will be able to read your brochures on their own.

Svetlana Krylova (Himki, Moscow Region, 03.08.2015)


Dear team,

Thank you for the Bible Lessons. Children loved them. We all go to church. I am a minister for teenage girls, my husband has sports ministry, and our children always help us.

Olga Shakhmatova (Novosibirsk, 02.08.2015)


Thank you for your letter and brochures “Bible Lessons for Children”. We gave them to children in our Sunday school, and they studied them with their parent or grandparents. That is great opportunity for parents to tell their children about their faith. Some children visited children Cristian tent camp, which was organized by our church. We hope that some adults will find faith and others’ faith will strengthen through children.

Nikolay Grin’ (pastor of Christians of Evangelical Faith Church, Sharya, Kostroma Region, 27.07.2015)



Testimony of Vitaliy

I serve time in a prison of Sol-Iletsk town (Orenburg region). Before doing the course “Conversations about Christian Faith” I was not a Christian. The “Conversations” pr3revealed meaning of Christianity to me, the course was very useful. Many of my problems were solved through studying the materials and reading the Bible.

They were not solved all together, but step by step I realized some ideas and after that a problem was solved. The “Conversations” helped me get a foothold in Christian faith and opened the  saving power of faith. I had a great need in reading spiritual books. I will be waiting for your assistance in the search of a church.

The “Conversations” helped me realize that there is no other saving faith, except Christian. That faith helped me get a foothold. Most of all I liked the information about Lord Jesus Christ and way of life of the first Christians and apostles. And we all are sinners and need that faith!

I found God in prison. Before that I had no idea of God. But the Lord, living in human heart, shows Himself to other peopleThank you, God’s people, that you exist. You have Lord Jesus Christ. And you are given the most important work on the Earth – to lead sinners to our Lord and Savior.

You shouldn’t despond, your work goes well under God’s supervision I ask you to help with spiritual books, magazines, and brochures. They are very helpful.

Now I am finishing my letter.



A public group “NaCl”

A public group “NaCl”

1) A public (group) “NaCl: Christianity with Salt” was created and developed in a Russian naclSocial network “Vkontakte”. It’s address is: http://vk.com/public87335652

– About 1100 personal friends were sent invitations to join the above mentioned public and subscription to the course “Conversations about Christian Faith”;

– 43 theme-based posts were written for the public and posted on it wall. Those posts were devoted to the basics of Christian faith and main ideas and thoughts by Martin Luther;

– As a result, according to the statistics, 337 people are permanently subscribed to the public. Some of them are protestants and orthodox going to church, others are either non church goers, or non-believers. 35 subscribers agreed to do the correspondence course “Conversations about Christian Faith”, e-copies of which have already been sent to them.

– It is planned to continue inviting non-believers and non-church goers from different groups of Vkontakte social network, tell them about basics of Christianity and Martin Luther’s ideas, offer them to try correspondence course “Conversations about Christian Faith”.

2) A new group called “Christianity for the Seekers of Faith” was created and has been developed. Its address on the Internet is: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Христианство-для-искателей-истины/806050182814938?ref=profile

– 30 posts about Christianity were copied from the public in Vkontakte to that group.

– Invitations to check those pages have been sent to personal friends and friends of “Concordia” Foundation. The group was created on March 23rd. Since then 19 people have liked the page and from 1 to 152 people have read different posts in the group.

3) A “Concordia” page has been created on Youtube. Biblical video-lessons from “Concordia” web-site gtgold.ru will be posted on that resource.



pr3I have never read God’s Word prior to learning about the Discussions on Faith, even though I was baptized in an Orthodox Church. This Discussions helped me to understand the basics of the Christian faith, to learn more about God. I would like to know more, to have an even greater awareness and a deeper understanding, so that I can change completely…but I still fail in a lot of things.

I had many spiritual problems, mental breakdowns. Reading through Discussions helped me to become more self contained, but my breakdowns still happen from time to time.

Here, in the prison, I have heard a lot about God helping people. I’ve recently been invited to join the gatherings in the prayer room. I started coming and learning about spiritual life. I am not able to understand it all to the fullest yet, but I do long to experience it with all my heart, to become pure and truly righteous.

Thank you so much for this Course. I was especially touched by things I read about love, understanding, care and compassion among people.

Vladimir Mereshko

Testimony of Vladimir

PrisnI came to God through the Discussions About Faith that you sent to me. From the very first lesson these Discussions show Jesus’ life in detail, they talk of how he died for our sins, so that each of us could have the eternal life.

Discussions helped me to understand the foundations of Christian faith but I would really like to learn more. I would like to continue corresponding with you.

To this point I have only been to a church twice: at age 8, when I was baptized, and then one more time, 30 years later. I hope that things will change after my release from prison.

I do have a lot of spiritual problems, but I am hoping God will help me deal with them.

Though I lot of us here—in prison—study through this same Course, we need somebody from outside with greater spiritual experience to help us with the questions we have, to guide us spiritually.

As I mentioned earlier, I would like to stay in touch.

I am so grateful to Concordia Foundation for its support!


Vladimir Zakovryashin