Testimony of prisoner

I serve a life sentence in prison in town Sol-Iletsk (Orenburg Region). Before reading the “Conversations” I believed somewhere deep inside, but after doing the course, it became easier to understand God’s Word. I studied at school only for for years, but with the “Conversations” I better understand the basics of Christianity. The course helped me know more about God. There are questions and answers to those questions.

When I was reading Bible or New Testament, I didn’t understand many things written, but the “Conversations” explain really thoroughly. I read Bible every day, I don’t swear, don’t smoke, help my cellmates. I need your help with finding a church, since I think it is better to communicate with believers and become stronger in my faith. Our Lord changes even the worst of criminals, we read about that in Apostle Paul’s Epistle. Our Lord Jesus Christ came to this world to save me, He gave His life, took my sins, and cleansed me of all the dirt, and gave me eternal life.

Once I got really sick. It was decomposition of lungs. Blood blew from throat. I was moved to prison hospital. Doctors said it was my time to die. I prayed staying in bed. I didn’t get up, doctors stopped giving me any medicine. But God heard me and gave me another chance. In some time I became stronger, started getting up. Doctors couldn’t believe I got better. And since then I have believed in God, I try not to sin and to live according to how He wants us to live. Human beings always look for trouble and create problems for themselves, that is why I have chosen to be with God and I am grateful to Him for everything.

I am sending my photo with this letter. It is the only copy I have. Can you please make some extra copies and send them back to me. My brothers in faith ask me for my photo, but I cannot give it to them.

Thank you! May God bless you!

Erdenkov Ilya Mikhailovich


I serve time in prison of a settlement Ikovka in Ketov district of Kurgan Region. I was baptized in childhood, but only 25 years later I heard about Church and Christ. And I thank you for your precious work! The “Conversations” open the way to Jesus. With Св.Михаил праздник_S_1each lesson I learned more and more about God. I cannot go to church now, because I am in a solitary cell. The “Conversations” helped me strengthen my faith. I need communication with Christians, so I ask for yiur help in finding a church. I liked well-phrased questions of the “Conversations”, though the course is quite short, and I think it should be prolonged up to one year program with more questions.

For my whole life my family have suffered a lot. Many relatives have died for different reasons. We never knew about Christ, and those who knew, never believed. We all were exposed to radiation after accident on Semipalatinsk test site, and we all have different diseases. I am disabled since childhood, my mother and brothers too. My sisters and father died in fire. I once asked a question why everything was so bad in our lives?

But I never got an answer. Then I got to prison, where I met a man named Maxi, who always read Bible and seemed really cheerful. We became friends, and he helped me understand that all family troubles are God’s will. That is how God tries to get our attention and make us repent and let Jesus in our hearts. I struggled for a long time after that. But then I got a letter. My brother had got in a car accident and might stay paralyzed for his whole life. I fell on my knees and begged God to help my brother.

Every day I prayed to God about him, and finally I got the second letter, telling that my brother had raised form his bed and could walk, surprising all doctors. When I told my brother about praying about him, he was surprised, he told he had heard: “Get up and go” in his sleep, and after he had woken up, he got up and started walking. Now almost all members of my family have accepted God in our hearts.

Events in the club for teenagers

It  was more or less quiet month after all tragedies. We are moving forward.kom_m3

At one meeting we learned how to bake cakes and tried to understand how God performed miracle with food for 5000 people!

Coming to the youth service in church has become our tradition. The topic of the service was 4 ways of watching, listening and absorbing information.

Each child who attends our club’s meetings has great difficulties in lives, and we know, that only God can solve unsolvable problems. For instance, one of the girl’s father was in a drinking bout for two months. Her mother decided to divorce him, and after that he started drinking again and left home.kom_m2

Lena has always had problems with self-esteem, and now communicating with people is very difficult for the girl because she looks at everything through the prism of the fact that her father has abandoned her. We want him to go to the rehabilitation center.

We read the Scriptures every club meeting, and try to do it creatively. The Word of God is Alive! We hope that changes will come.

kom_m1All the children are very different, but they all have similar problems. We pray, that awakening will start in Kommunar and the beginning of it will be our little club, taking care of teenagers, and we hope that after listening to the Gospel all citizens will be saved in the name of Jesus Christ.

We are getting ready to celebrate the 1st May (th Easter in Russia). We are going to evangelize hundreds of teenagers and young people on the Easter Day.

There will be musicians, games, contests and a sermon. We would like to hold that action in a very special place and to invite using Vkontakte social network all teenagers from Pudomyagi and Kommunar.

I was not a Christian before

I live in town Vyborg in Leningrad Region. I hadn’t been a Christian before I read the ”Conversations”. The course helped me understand who God is and what the basics of Св.Михаил праздник_S_1the Christian faith are. I started going to Peter and Paul Church in Vyborg, my spiritual problems have been solved, I grew stronger in my faith while doing the course and found one of the best churches and I am now going there on regular basis.

One of the main things I liked about the course, was that we are saved only by the name of Christ (Acts 4:12). I liked everything in the course about our Savior Jesus Christ.

I was not a Christian before I did the course, but my mother and my sister had been praying for me. And now I have faith and go to church regularly. We have wonderful preachers: Dima, Volodya and Roman. After service we study Bible and ask questions if we don’t understand something. I really like that Jesus Christ is our way, truth and life (John 14:6). We cannot understand who our creator is, but we can appreciate everything He created.

Any human can have good qualities, but they will never be perfect. Only God is perfect. We are now in our humble bodies and we cannot see Him, but in eternity every one who believed in God will be delighted in seeing God. Now we can see Him by the deed He does in nature and history, when He changes the world by on word. He speaks with us through Bible and helps us pray. Amen. (John 4:24).

Konovalov Alexandr Arkadievich

Rock-Band “Crying Voice in Desert” Concert

A concert of rock-band “Crying Voice in Desert” took place in the Bookvoed shop in Vosstaniya Square. It was sponsored by “Concordia” Foundation. The band was formed in 1997 and has constantly given concerts, dedicated to popularization of healthy lifestyle, spiritual and moral values and taking part in anti-drug campaigns.glas_1

In the mid 90-s musicians faced drug addiction and decided to prevent its distribution and spreading as much as possible.

In 1998 the band wrote script of that anti-drug program “The Ticket for the Journey from Captivity”. It consists of music and songs, in between which a shocking documentary about life and death of drug addicts is shown in parts.

The film also includes interviews with former addicts who used to be in drug hell and have survived and come back to normal life. Videos, used at concerts, were shot in drug houses of Saint-Petersburg by Aleksey Chervolov, the band singer. Abstracts of those glas_2video were shown on Russian TV channels multiple times.

Main band’s songs were played on the concert. Those were songs about God’s love towards people, about Jesus the Savior. They sang about difficulties of finding way without God and dangers lurking in wait along the way.

Before the concert started, a “Concordia” employee introduced the band and told about free of charge brochures and corresponding courses “Conversations about Christian Faith”. After the concert everyone could get those brochures and flyers of the course.

Testemomy of Sergey

I serve time in prison in Barnaul town. Before reading BCC I had been a Christian. I repented my sins and let Christ in my heart while I was in the rehabilitation center of the church “Cornerstone”. Though I had some knowledge, BCC helped me solidify it. Sergey BratushevskyPart 5, telling about Jesus the Prophet, the King and the Priest, was especially helpful. In prison I go to local church. BCC helped me in evangelization: the more I get to know about God, the stronger I become in my faith.

I really liked order, clarity, brevity of BCC. Though I think that some moments would be easier to understand if other Bible verses would be used as examples.

I know examples of some of my friends who, like me, were really spoilt, but after getting to know God, they were changed both internally and externally. God completely changed them with Holy Spirit, changed their way of thinking and behavior. I can see God’s blessings in their lives and lives of their family.

And now through my friends I see how wonderful the life is if you live it according to God’s will. That life has real love, kindness, compassion and reluctance to sins. I saw all that and decided to live with God. I believe that God approves of my decision and is happy with me. Thank you very much fer BCC. You do very important thing. May God bless you!

Bratushevsky Sergey Victorovich


Life sentence

I serve time in prison for lifers in Sol’-Iletsk, Orenburg Region. I am a christian, and that is my conscious choice. I found God just before I started reading your course “Conversations about Christian Faith”. The “Conversations”  have helped me understand basics of Christianity. They also helped me know more about God.ПУЛЯЛИН

Unfortunately, I am in prison, doing life sentence, so I don’t have opportunity to go to church. That is why I need your help. I have found answers to questions troubling me. You have really helped me. I have become stronger in my faith. I am really grateful to you. The “Conversations” is the best what has recently happened to me. They help you understand the necessity of seeking salvation, going to church, living Сhristian life. Information in the course is well-written, easy to understand and pretty convincing, which makes the course very interesting and easy to complete.

My way to God has been very long and difficult. For my whole life I lived without God, never thought about salvation, never got to know Christianity. I was not interested in it. Though I thought I was a Сhristian as many other people. Those were idle words for me. And my life without God led me to prison. I was convicted with a horrible crime which I hadn’t committed.

Pain and desperation became constant parts of my life. After several years of trials I was found non guilty and released. But instead of thanking God for saving me, I continued living without Him. I didn’t go to church, didn’t pray, didn’t think about God, though before release I had promised my friend to go to church. Joy of being free and innocent was so overwhelming, that I didn’t remember about my worries and emotional turmoil of before. I didn’t remember about my promise, I was happy. Though God showed Himself in some things, I continued to ignore and not notice Him.

And half a year later my non-guilty verdict was overturned and I was found guilty, based on the same evidences as before. And I was given a life sentence. That was a terribly unfair sentence for a crime which I hadn’t committed. After that I experienced horrible pain and desperation day after day. And when I couldn’t bear it anymore, when I was alone I remembered about the One Who is always near me, Who had been waiting, when I would call for Him. Jesus Christ has saved me. I have found comfort and hope in Him. And after all those years of desperation and loneliness I felt that I was not alone, that He was with me. I sincerely hope that God hears my prayers. Thank Him for everything! He has changed me and now I cannot see mu future life without Him.

God be thanked!

Moshkin Evgeniy Nikolaevich