Winter Сamp

The camp was successful, though there were some spiritual battles. Nevertheless  Children were happy to have this good camp during vacation. The camp on the Christmas Day (January 7th) was finished with celebration and prayer!

We bought 55 presents for children and gave all of them to children, we showed several peformances in Leningrad Region. Though there were less children in Elizavetino than we had expected, there were more in Kirishi, so the number was balanced out. The performance was a puppet play for little kids.

There was much sport, trainings, Bible studies, games and theater plays. We studied several topics: “A Walk with God”, “Struggle and Blessing”, “Fractal”, “The Nature of God’s Life”.

About Petrozavodsk: we celebrated Christmas, gave presents, went camping. Everyday work in our center is done as usual.

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Сharitable action

bar_3Shortly before New Year and Christmas holidays the governor of Vladimir region authorized a charitable action called “Kind Deeds Marathon”, within which disable children, children from large families and children from needy families are given presents.

December 20th 2016 a New Year play “Before the New Year” was shown in a concert hall of the Department of Social Protection in Vladimir. After that children were given sweet presents.

bar_2The event was organized by the Department of Social Security in Vladimir and Vladimir regional branch of Russian Charitable Foundation “Russian Children Fund”.

Children watched a new year play with Father Frost (Russian Santa Claus) and his granddaughter Snow Maiden.

Guests were met by mascots and animators, who traveled to the wonderful country of fairy0tales with children.bar_4

“Concordia” Foundation supported a concert for children from large families given by Igor Vladimirovich Baranchikov – a songwriter and head of Russian music and entertainment program “Childhood”, and a poet Elena Sedova. Both guests are from Moscow.

70 large families and families with disabled children took part in that event. 130 children get New Year presents from Father Frost.

Program “Childhood

Igor Baravchikov presented his program “Childhood” in the following institutions for children:

October 9th-13th 2016 he gave 12 concerts in children’s institutions and a juvenile correctional facility in the Voronezh Region.

October 9th – Clinical sanatorium for orphans in village Grafskoye.%d0%b4%d0%b5%d1%82%d1%81%d0%ba%d0%b8%d0%b9-%d0%b4%d0%be%d0%bc-21-10-2016

October 10th – Residential care home in village Otradnoye,                     Residential care home for visually challenged children in oronezh.

October 11th – Infant orphanage in Voronezh, Baby orphanage in Voronezh, Orphanage in town Zemlyansk,  Orphanage for physically challenged children in town Semiluki.

October 12th – Orphanage in town Bobrov, Juvenile correctional facility in town Bobrov, Residential care facility for acoustically challenged children in town Bobrov, Children center for orphans in town Bobrov.

October 13th – Orphanage in village Kantemirovka, Orphanage in village Somovo.

All concerts were, as always, taken warmly!

Сenter for children

1center-in-petrozadoskIgor Savich met the head center for children in Petrozavodsk Evgeniy Zinin. Evgeniy showed the house where meetings with children are held. It is an old wooden house on the outskirts of Petrozavodsk. One of the volunteers – Lubov – lives there, which makes her work with children more efficient.

2center-in-petrozadoskMore than 30 children are regular attendants. All of them are from nearby houses. Their parents are too busy during the day to look after them. Lubov is not the only volunteer. Andrey takes active part in lessons.

He is volunteer form the church. Children in the center listen to Bible verses, have Bible lessons, practice little plays  on Biblical topics on regular basis. Those plays are then shown in local Baptist church.3day-children-center-jpg

The building of the church is not finished yet, and Evgeniy, who is pastor of the church, showed the building to Igor Savich. Evegeniy is married. His wife’s name is Dina. They have two children: David and Eva, they also took part in the children center’s life. This year the are having troubles with central heating. Evgeniy in prayer askes God to help solve those problems, because the hoses’s location is very convenient for their work with local children.

That was unforgettable!

Korelia1Children had been planning that camping trip for a long time. They prayed. There are results, we have had lots of positive moments. We experienced a lot: we worked together (we came to a wild place, where there wasn’t anything, so we all together prepared the place for camping, cooked food, gathered mushrooms and berries, went fishing, built a pier, gathered wood for the fire), we all together read Bible and prayed.

We even survived a 6-hour Korelia2long storm. During the storm we all were under a tent, which was leaking and boys shielded the fire with their bodies.

But the most important thing is that all teenagers were gathered all together and were singing Christian songs from our hymnbook until the rain stopped.

That was unforgettable. We became even more knit together. We hadn’t wanted to waste opportunity to spend time Korelia3together, so we decided to try. We delivered everything into God’s hands and went camping.

We thank Goв that everything went so smoothly! There were not many children. The whole trip cost us 32000 rubles. We thank you for your help and prayers for ministry in Karelia!




Igor visited orphans

igor5August 4th and 5th Igor Baranchikov visited orphans in 5 institutions in Tver’ Region.

In Torzhok he visited tuberculosis sanatorium for children. There were 90 people.


igor4In Vyshny Volochek he visited an orphanage for children with the light form of ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis). There were 110 people.

In village Dyatlovo he visited an orphanage. There were 35 people.


igor3In town Udomlya he visited sanatorium for orphans. There were 100 people.

In Tver’ he visited “The Rainbow” – sanatorium for orphans . There were 100 people.


igor2Everywhere Igor was met with happiness and admiration.

Now Igor is planning to visit Vladimir Region and he is thankful for your support.

Summer of Igor Baranchikov

Ofanj5Concordia Foundation support Christian singer Igor Baranchikov.

He had a very busy concert schedule in June 2016. He gave concerts for both adults and children.

Here is his story:

“From 02.06.2016 – 06.06.2016 I had a trip to orphanages in children’s camps in the cities Aleksin – Bogoroditsk – Lipetsk – Tambov – Voronezh – Novomoskovsk. And held 11 concerts – attended by about 500 person /total/.

I  held concerts in special children’s camps for the sick kids – someone with Ofanj4tuberculosis or other diseases.

June 11th – evening with a disabled artist Andrey Afonin took place in Moscow culture center “Pokrovskiye Gates”. There were 35 guests.

June 14 a concert for disabled people in Tsaritsino. There were about 70 guests.

June 22 (day of the beginning of the Second World War )  I held concert in the center of the help for the homeless. It was attended by 35 people”.Homles

Igor also held two concerts for orphan children in the camps of the Tula region.

06/24/2016 – children’s camp “Salute” – was attended by 250 people.

06/25/2016 – health resort for children – “Sunny” – was attended by 50 people.Ofanj1