Seminar in Vyborg

Seminar in Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Vyborg. The seminar was mostly attended by youth. Its topic was “Apologetics as the mean of evangelism”.

Comparison of two points of view: creationism and evolutionary theory. Proving impossibility of life originating from non-living material due to the second law of thermodynamics. The entropy increase law in the open system.

Impossibility of evolving due to impossibility of new information to appear on its own. Validity of Creation theory. Necessary information was “loaded” into the living creatures during the Creation.

All main stages of Creation are written in the 1st chapter of Genesis. John 1:1-3 says that everythign was created by the Word, and the word if Logos, in other words knowledge, data – information.

Apostle Paul in Colossians writes that all things have been created through Him and for Him, and in Him all things hold together. “Him” means Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Him. Which means, that every person needs Jesus if they want to have eternal life.

There were many question about different aspects of Creation asked. The youth leader Andey Myasischev told an interesting story how he came to Church.

Several years ago he read that the secon law of thermodynamics contradicts evolutionary theory. He got interested in the topic. So he came to the Lutheran Church to find out the reason and how could our world appear. And he stayed in the Church.

Creation Science Ministry

lecture-in-st-anna-church-%d1%83-3A public lecture “How Did Our World Appear?” by Igor Savich took place in St. Anna’s Church. About 25 people attended it. Igor Savich told that there are two points of view on how our World appeared.

The first one is evolutionary theory, which tells that everything appeared on its own. All those processes happened within several billion years. And that process lead us to the world which surrounds us now.

The lecturer emphasized that the theory is completely anti-scientific and completely contradicts data which is available nowadays. The second point of view is connected with Biblical doctrine of Creation and it is proved by the second law of thermodynamics and those informational processes which are easily discovered in the world around us, starting from micro-level and finishing with processes in human society.

The lecturer showed convincing proof of Creation theory. Attendees were offered brochures by “Concordia” and opportunity to enrol to the free of charge course of Christian faith basics (see pictures).