Creation Science Ministry

lecture-in-st-anna-church-%d1%83-3A public lecture “How Did Our World Appear?” by Igor Savich took place in St. Anna’s Church. About 25 people attended it. Igor Savich told that there are two points of view on how our World appeared.

The first one is evolutionary theory, which tells that everything appeared on its own. All those processes happened within several billion years. And that process lead us to the world which surrounds us now.

The lecturer emphasized that the theory is completely anti-scientific and completely contradicts data which is available nowadays. The second point of view is connected with Biblical doctrine of Creation and it is proved by the second law of thermodynamics and those informational processes which are easily discovered in the world around us, starting from micro-level and finishing with processes in human society.

The lecturer showed convincing proof of Creation theory. Attendees were offered brochures by “Concordia” and opportunity to enrol to the free of charge course of Christian faith basics (see pictures).


«Generations Meeting»

January 18th a concert “” took place in the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of St. Anna. The concert was devoted to the evangelical culture in the Soviet Russia and it was part of annual festival mg1“Epiphany Nights”. This year the festival is coincided with 500-th anniversary of Reformation.

“Epiphany Nights” festival resumes historical concerts which took place in St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Nevskiy Prospect. In 1817 the 300th anniversary of Reformation was celebrated in that Cathedral. The next 400th anniversary was in 1917.

mg2This year about 150 people came to listen to the concert in the Church of St. Anna. Christmas songs were played by a band of English hand bell players under the baton of artistic director and conductor Vladimir Kosholaba. Besides, Christian hymns were presented a Capella by a men choir under the baton of Vitaliy Dudkin.

In addition to that pastor of Saint-Petersburg Evangelical Church Petr Lunichkin shared his memories of spiritual atmosphere in mg3which Evangelical churches were developing in the Soviet period.

Evgeniy Raskatov – deacon of St. Anna Church told about complicated history of the church. Since it is the oldest Lutheran church in Saint-Petersburg, among its members were families of pre-revolution industrialists Nobel and Faberge. Karl Brullov – a famous artist of the XIXth century got married there.

In the Soviet times the church was closed, and its building was converted into cinema. In 1990-s rock-club and casino were placed in the building. And only 8 years ago after the fire the building was given to the Lutheran Parish of the Church of Ingria.

There was also a speech by historian of Evangelical movement, pastor from Velikiy Novgorod.

“Concordia” Foundation was one of the sponsors of the event. The number of  copies of the following brochures were given to those mg5who came to the concert: “What Do Lutherans Believe?”, “The Case for Faith”, “Read the Book”. Besides, brochure “Funfair Mirror Shards”, “What the Muddy River Tells” were also given to the audience. And about 100 pocket 2017 Bible calendars were given out. Those calendars contain advertising of web-site as a source of modern information about Christianity.


Anti-drug event

A concert, devoted to prevention of psychoactove substance usage in the agrotechnical college village Begunitsy in Kingisepp District, Leningrad Region.beg-2jpg

335 students are studying at the College. Young people are learning to be electricians, car mechanics, housekeeper (for girls), there is also a group for disabled people.

beg-1Information shared with students was warmly received, students asked a lot of questions and shared their opinion.

College administration thanked participants of the concert, the material given to students, “Concordia”-published brochure “Self-Control in the World of Addictions” particularly, was highly appreciated.

Students and teachers of the College  hope for further meetings.



Anti-drug campaign

A Chrictian rock-group “Druzhki” (Friends) from St. Petersburg gave concert in Transport and Road College. The concert was part of anti-drug and pro-healthy lifestyle campaign and was supported by “Concordia” Foundation.2-%d0%ba%d0%be%d1%86%d0%b5%d1%80%d1%82-%d0%b4%d1%80%d1%83%d0%b6%d0%ba%d0%b8-006

About 200 students and teachers gathered in college hall. A film containing interviews with drug addicts was shown in the beginning of the concert. Main ideas of the film are that addiction forms even after the first usage, ideas that you can try “soft” drugs, just not “hard” drugs are illusions, since a drug addict has desire for new “sensations” caused by drugs all the time. According to doctors, average expectancy life of drug-addicts is 3 to 5 years.

After the film the group leader Gera Alexeev played several of his songs. But the most amazing part of the concert were real life stories of his friends – members of the band.1_0%d0%b0%d0%b2%d1%82%d0%be%d0%b4%d0%be%d1%80%d0%be%d0%b6%d0%bd%d1%8b%d0%b9-%d0%ba%d0%be%d0%bb%d0%bb%d0%b5%d0%b4%d0%b6-%d0%ba%d0%be%d1%86%d0%b5%d1%80%d1%82-%d0%b4%d1%80%d1%83%d0%b6%d0%ba%d0%b8

One 33 year old man shared his story. He was 17 and was studying in the same college. He was a wrestler, so he got in touch with the criminal world, he wanted to be cool and have power over people. And using heroin was part of that lifesile. Later on he went to jail. That man was trying to persuade students that there is nothing romantic in drug usage and prison experience. His life changed 5 years ago, when he met God, walked free and stopped using drugs. But since that time he has been taking meds twice a day to support his organs, damaged by drugs.

Gera Alexeev shared a story of an ex-guitar player of the band, whose name was Oleg, he had performed at the concert in that Transport Road College one year before. He has recently died, one week prior his 40th birthday. And though he hadn’t been using drugs for 16 years, his experience with drugs in youth turned to be train wreck waiting to happen, which hit his body many years later.

The last story was told by a woman who also used to be an addict and serve time in prison. She told that drug addiction among women is much more dangerous that among men, because it can destroy your body much faster.

Those stories were the most touching part of the concert, and many students stayed after the concert to speak with band members in private.

After the concert everyone who wanted could get brochures “Self-control in the World of Addictions” for free. Those brochures were published by “Concordia” and they tell about fighting against different physical, mental and spiritual addictions. About 150 brochures were distributed after the concert

Visit to Rochester Lutheran Church, Minnesota


seminar-in-rochester-3Two weeks ago Igor Savich – the head of “Concordia” Foundation took part in celebrations of the 100 year Anniversary of The Lutheran Hour Ministry in St. Louis, USA.

Together with his colleagues from 35 countries he told and showed everything connected with the ministry in Russia to the guests who arrived at celebration.

igor-savich-with-pastor-heidorn-2At the end of his visit to US and after weekly workshop that was taken place in headquarters of LHM Igor Savich also visited the Lutheran Church in Rochester, Minnesota.

Having received special invitation from pastor Greg Heidorn from Grace-on-the-Lake Lutheran Church, Igor Savich told about LHM work in Russia on Saturday night and on Sunday after the service.

His presentations was connected with telling the Good News via radio, TV, Internet, brochures, flyers and personal testimonies.  Igor Savich told about work with prisoners, children, teenagers, everyone willing to study the Basics of Christian Faith, and about Foundation’s activity in media oriented to reach non-church population and especially in urban regions in Russia.

volunteer-group-1Igor Savich also met a group of volunteers who are going to visit Saint-Petersburg in June 2017 in order to take part in a Language Camp for Children in town Vyborg.

Within those two days Igor Savich had many informal conversations with members of the Lutheran Church and guests, who came to take part in the festival of Reformation .

We are looking for solutions

komm1We are having rough time now. Each member of our team is facing spiritual battles.

  1. We cannot continue renting the place we used to gather in in spring, because of the new legislation (the place is a residential unit, and there can’t be any religious activity). We didn’t manage to find a new place during summer: there are no suitable (rent and conditions) places in Kommunar. Due to that we cannot open a new club for new teenagers, and we cannot meet with teenagers from last year. So we are looking for solutions.
  2. A small group for those who want to be baptized gathers in the only cafe in Kommunar, where people under 18 are allowed.
  3. We keep having Sunday services for teenagers, but we see that the world is taking over teenagers. Many of them are shamed at school for their faith and they grow cool towards Christ. Nevertheless we keep working and try to do what we can, and look for creative ways to solve troubles which wait for us on the way!
  4. We are getting ready for launching master-classes, anti-cafe, football team. All those events are going to be used for spreading the Good News!
  5. We had several meetings with those who are getting ready to be baptized. There were only 6 teenagers out of 16. So we really see how strong the spiritual war for young souls is.

Anti-drug campaign

A concert of Christian rock-band “Crying Voice” took place in Medical College named by V. M. Bekhterev in St. Petersburg. The concert was supported by “Concordia” Foundation. The concert was part of anti-drug and pro-healthy lifestyle campaign.

College hall holds about 250 people and it was packed. In the beginning lead singer of the group Alexey Chernovolov showed a film with interview with drug addicts which he took himself. Alexey told about how treacherous drug addiction is, that addiction starts even after the first drug usage, that drugs ruin health and personality of everyone, even successful and sensible people.

After that the group sang several hits from its album “Acoustic”: songs, called “Grass”, “What Will Happen to You”, “Without Love”, “She” and others. From song to sons students became more and more involved, they clapped their hands, moved in tact with music and repeated song words after the singer.

Songs texts include words about personal responsibility for every day we live towards God, about how fast the life goes, about judgment day which awaits everyone. “What will happen to you if you die tomorrow?”

One of the students told that during the concert tears were streaming down his cheeks. And when he was asked that men normally don’t cry, he answered, that he was so overwhelmed with emotions that it was impossible not to cry. He was glad to get to know a rock group he had never heard about before. And he promised to learn more about their art on the group’s web-site.

After the concert everyone who wanted could get brochures “Self-control in the World of Addictions” for free. Those brochures were published by “Concordia” and they tell about fighting against different physical, mental and spiritual addictions. About 200 brochures were taken after the concert.

College administration decided to have the second concert of “Crying Voice” in November.