Broadcast on radio

In June Marianna Nikolskaya (radio anchor) had a meeting with a Christian writer Ross_1 Elena Sokolova in Radio Rossiya . Their dialog was broadcasted at the radio station “Russia”. Igor Savich – the head of “Concordia Foundation” – was also present at the meeting.

Elena Sokolova told about her plans for future, shared her Ross_2opinion on bringing up children. They also spoke about moral aspects of children’s behavior at school and parents’ responsibility for their upbringing. Elena Sokolova expressed conviction that conflicts between parents and children quite often happen because parents underestimate their children’s intelligence.

Ross_3Igor Savich mentioned that high maturity and sophistication don’t make modern children kinder and more compassionate. Smart, but unkind person is a problem for society. At the end of the meeting, the sides reached an agreement, that audio versions of Elena Sokolova’s short stories “Mice” and the “Ocean” will be broadcasted during children hour at the “Radio Russya”. Other ways of the writer’s engagement in radio programs are still under negotiation. The project is done with “Concordia Foundation” support.

Meeting in “Concordia” Office

A meeting of “Concordia” employees and representatives of “Betel-Russia” center was held in “Concordia” office. 25 table calendars for 2016 with Bible verses and colorful betel_1 pictures as well as “Bible Stories for Children” and flyers advertizing free of charge course “Conversations about Christian Faith” for adults were given to “Betel-Russia” center in Saint-Petersburg.

Center “Betel-Russia” is a place where drug addicts can get help for free. The organization operates using donations. One unique thing about the center is that it helps not only drug addicts but those who have just been released from prisons and don’t have any place to live in. “Betel” helps with their medical, social and spiritual rehabilitation, and assists in finding jobs.

New Year party

NY3New Year party took place in the building of Evangelical Christian Baptist Church in Kommunar village on December 26th.

About 20 teenagers from Kommunar took part in it. There were many funny games and jokes. Not only teenagers, but their parents got presents.NY

“Concordia” Foundation brought presents as well. Nobody wanted to leave after two and a half hours passed.

NY2Only when children were reminded that their parents were to come soon, they started leaving. The party was a success!



BCC Promotion

pom_2Concordia Foundation volunteers Fedor Milovanov and his wife Victoria, who are members of Evangelical Church, have agreed to participate in distribution of «Concordia» flyers containing invitation to join the course «Conversations about Christian Faith». September 5-13 they are going to distribute 6124 flyers near exits from the following St. Petersburg subway stations: «Prospect Veteranov», «Udelnaya», «Ozerki», «Parnas», «Sennaya Ploschad», «Grazhdanskiy Prospect».

The purpose of that promo-action is to preach God in the streets of St. Petersburg and to find those who will to learn the basics of Christianity through the course «Conversations about Christian Faith», distributed by Concordia Foundation. Each flyer has a form for contact information of a person willing to study Bible. Those forms can be sent to Concordia by one of three means: mail, e-mail or text message.


Folk center “Kitezhgrad”

Igor Savich and other “Concordia” employees visited folk center “Kitezhgrad”, in which 7-17 year old children learn painting and pottery. In 2015 the center celebrates 25 yearsКитеж 008_S since it was founded. Hundreds of children have learned art and got to know how they can appreciate beauty.

A lot of pieces of art on Biblical topics have been created. Within the visit, Igor Savich met the head of “Kitezhgrad” Ruben Avakyan. They agreed to do a collaborative project: publishing Biblical lessons for children with pictures by children, studying in “Kitezhgrad”. The first sketches of kids’ paintings were given to initiate the pre-print process.



Meeting in the office of the Bishop

EPISKOPIn December a meeting was held in the office of the Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria (ELCI). The main theme of the meeting was the joint project of Concordia Foundation and ELCI, a radio series called 500 Years of Reformation.

The following people participated in the meeting: ELCI bishop, Arri Kugappi, the senior pastor of St. Mary’s Church, Mikhail Ivanov, one of the professors of ELCI’s Theological Institute, Sergei Alexandrovich Isaev, and the Director of Concordia Foundation, Igor Savich.

It was agreed to start the preparation work for the radio series on history of Reformation in the Western Europe and in Russia. The plan is to record 56 programs which then will be weekly broadcasted on the Trans World radio station. The beginning of this project is scheduled for April 2015.


The Harvest Celebration in the Ture Parish

October 12 was a special day in the Ture parish located in the village of Martyshkino (which is in Lomonosov District of St. Petersburg, Russia). In addition to the usual worship service, the church was celebrating the end of harvest. That day, parishioners brought and placed at the altar the gifts that God blessed them with: Праздник Урожая3potatoes, apples, grapes, squashes, etc. The whole church lift up prayers of gratitude to God for everything He did. In essence it was a day of giving thanks to God.At the end of the worship service, children’s chorus sang two very moving songs.

Concordia Foundation’s staff visited the church that day; they brought new products issued by the Foundation: bookmarks, pocket calendars, flyers to invite people to study Discussions on Christian Faith. Everyone was very thankful for the presents. Also, a picture of everyone present was taken at the end.

A few interesting encounters took place after the service was over. One of the parishioners (her name is Luba) came up to Nataliya Savich—Concordia’s publishing manager. Luba expressed gratitude for the Biblical Праздник Урожая4calendars that the Foundation publishes regularly. She said that the calendars are very useful in her work with children, especially the quotes from the Bible. Her words were greatly encouraging for us.

While everybody was sharing some tea, another parishioner, Berta, told us her story. Even though she is more than 80 years old and can only move around with the help of crutches, Berta makes every effort not to miss any Sunday gatherings. That morning her cell phone refused to work and she had no way of calling for a cab. She lives in a small community outside Martyshkino which is about 25 miles away from the church building; she gets to church by buss, and she takes a taxi to get to the buss stop.

Праздник Урожая1So her phone was not working, but… an Orthodox priest who was driving by stopped next to her house. She asked if she could use his phone to call for a tax. She explained that she really needs to be at her church assembly due to a big celebration. The priest instead just took her to the bus stop in his car. Getting out of his car Berta wished him and his church all God’s blessings. She was especially thanking God for being able to come to church that wonderful day.

After listening to her story, the senior pastor of the parish said that whenever he drives through that community he often gives a lift to people who are on the way to the Orthodox Cathedral.

Yet another parishioner, Anya, told us about her older sister who has already passed away. In 1942 her sister was taken from Martyshkino to a place in Eastern Siberia. There in Siberia her sister went through some courses to become a radio operator, and then she went off to war. When the war was over Anya’s sister came back to her home village, and in 1992 she participated in the reconstruction of the Ture parish.

God moves in mysterious ways, but for those who trust in Him all things work for good.