Prison ministry for teenagers

Together with Andrey Evert’s, group “Concordia” visited juvenile correctional facility for teenagers aged 14 to 17 in the suburb of St. Petersburg. The facility holds teenagers from the whole North-West region of Russia, who committed serious teen2crimes.

The colony has school and a career education workshop. 55 teenagers attended the event. We made photos and videos of the whole event.

The concert started with performance by an illusionist Aleksey Shirovick. After that a missionary from Israel told children about the Holy Land – Jesus Christ’s Homeland, about opportunity to be saved through faith and gave them informational brochures.

teen1Andrey Evert sang two songs, one of which was a Christian ballade about a mother. Then a video of a prison minister was shown to teenagers. On that video the minister tells how God saved him when he was in prison, how he was miraculously released from prison by president’s decree, and how he was given the chance to be a minister among prisoners.

At the end, we presented brochures of the first part of the course “Conversations about Christian faith”, each copy had an notebook and envelopes to send letters to “Concordia”. 55 brochures were taken by those teenagers who were present at the concert, 45 more brochures were given to the facility administration to be passed to those who hadn’t attended the concert. In total, 100 brochures of the first part of “Conversations” were given that day.

Activity in Novosibirsk

Vyacheslav Ostinin, supporting by “Concordia” Foundation, continued his visits to high security prison #2. He is now allowed to visit brigades and he is really thankful to God Novos_1for that.

They meet in cells to pray, read and study Bible, sing Christian songs and hymns. Many inmates come to those meetings: they ask questions, take part in conversations and singing.


Нe visited also standard regime penal colony #3, where they had Novos_2a meeting in the library to study Bible and talk about Christ.

Every Friday he visits penal colony #10, every second Saturday he visits juvenile correctional facility where young delinquents aged 14 to 18 do their time. Twice a month on Fridays he visits High security penal colony #8.


Novos_3They continue bringing newspapers, Christian books, Bibles and New Testaments to brothers behind bars as well as Bible studies with them.


They still visit tuberculosis sanatorium for children aged 1,5-7 years old (there are 63 of them) twice or three times a month. And they visit tuberculosis hospital where 108 children are being treated.

They are recently visiting the sanatorium with students from China who played with children and invited them to services at the church.

Novos_7 Novos_4


Distribution in “Butyrka” prison

Igor Baranchikov, as usual, gave a good spiritual concert in Butyrka prison (Moscow). Butyrka prisonS1

The main emphasis was made on family preservation. 70 people attended the concert.

Butyrka prison has family days, when parents, spouses and children can visit their family there, and the head of the prison asked to speak more about family values.

Butyrka prisonS(3)

Many words were said and sung. Igor gave a brochure by “Concordia” “Is There Any Hope?” and biblical bookmarks.

At the end of the concert Igor was given a certificate of appreciation for his good job in 2015 from the Department of Correction. Igor writes that it is our mutual reward.

Testemomy of Sergey

I serve time in prison in Barnaul town. Before reading BCC I had been a Christian. I repented my sins and let Christ in my heart while I was in the rehabilitation center of the church “Cornerstone”. Though I had some knowledge, BCC helped me solidify it. Sergey BratushevskyPart 5, telling about Jesus the Prophet, the King and the Priest, was especially helpful. In prison I go to local church. BCC helped me in evangelization: the more I get to know about God, the stronger I become in my faith.

I really liked order, clarity, brevity of BCC. Though I think that some moments would be easier to understand if other Bible verses would be used as examples.

I know examples of some of my friends who, like me, were really spoilt, but after getting to know God, they were changed both internally and externally. God completely changed them with Holy Spirit, changed their way of thinking and behavior. I can see God’s blessings in their lives and lives of their family.

And now through my friends I see how wonderful the life is if you live it according to God’s will. That life has real love, kindness, compassion and reluctance to sins. I saw all that and decided to live with God. I believe that God approves of my decision and is happy with me. Thank you very much fer BCC. You do very important thing. May God bless you!

Bratushevsky Sergey Victorovich


One day I felt lack of something

I serve time in prison in a town Volkovysk, Grodno Region, Belurussia. Before reading pr4the “Conversations” I had supposed myself a Christian, but after I finished reading my faith became stronger. I used to know a little about God, but now I know much more. The “Conversations” really helped my faith grow. I need your help in finding a church for me to get further spiritual help.

God has always been with me. But a door to my heart was closed, I didn’t want to let Him in. But one day I felt lack of something, I couldn’t understand what it was. I had always thought about God as something usual. Since childhood my parents took me to the church regularly, trying to ensure I was on a right pass. But I struggled and didn’t want to accept that I was being taught only good. When my mother, aunt and older brother were going to the church, I left home, because I didn’t want to be there.

And now I am eager to give everything to go to the church, read Bible, pray. And that change happened when I realized, that the disturbing feeling I had, was God knocking on my heart and soul’s door. And after I fell from the third floor, miraculously being unharmed, I got to church and praised God that by His mercy nothing had happened to me. After that I opened my heart to God completely, and I am thankful to God for everything He does for me. And nothing can shatter my faith, it becomes only stronger.

Andrey Mavduk


Life sentence

I serve time in prison for lifers in Sol’-Iletsk, Orenburg Region. I am a christian, and that is my conscious choice. I found God just before I started reading your course “Conversations about Christian Faith”. The “Conversations”  have helped me understand basics of Christianity. They also helped me know more about God.ПУЛЯЛИН

Unfortunately, I am in prison, doing life sentence, so I don’t have opportunity to go to church. That is why I need your help. I have found answers to questions troubling me. You have really helped me. I have become stronger in my faith. I am really grateful to you. The “Conversations” is the best what has recently happened to me. They help you understand the necessity of seeking salvation, going to church, living Сhristian life. Information in the course is well-written, easy to understand and pretty convincing, which makes the course very interesting and easy to complete.

My way to God has been very long and difficult. For my whole life I lived without God, never thought about salvation, never got to know Christianity. I was not interested in it. Though I thought I was a Сhristian as many other people. Those were idle words for me. And my life without God led me to prison. I was convicted with a horrible crime which I hadn’t committed.

Pain and desperation became constant parts of my life. After several years of trials I was found non guilty and released. But instead of thanking God for saving me, I continued living without Him. I didn’t go to church, didn’t pray, didn’t think about God, though before release I had promised my friend to go to church. Joy of being free and innocent was so overwhelming, that I didn’t remember about my worries and emotional turmoil of before. I didn’t remember about my promise, I was happy. Though God showed Himself in some things, I continued to ignore and not notice Him.

And half a year later my non-guilty verdict was overturned and I was found guilty, based on the same evidences as before. And I was given a life sentence. That was a terribly unfair sentence for a crime which I hadn’t committed. After that I experienced horrible pain and desperation day after day. And when I couldn’t bear it anymore, when I was alone I remembered about the One Who is always near me, Who had been waiting, when I would call for Him. Jesus Christ has saved me. I have found comfort and hope in Him. And after all those years of desperation and loneliness I felt that I was not alone, that He was with me. I sincerely hope that God hears my prayers. Thank Him for everything! He has changed me and now I cannot see mu future life without Him.

God be thanked!

Moshkin Evgeniy Nikolaevich

Testimony of Jury

I serve time in a prison in town Roslavl in Smolensk Region. I had been christian before reading “Conversations about Christian Faith”, but was in failure. Conversations helped me better understand basics of Christian faith, that we should not wait, while Jesus comes again, that we should take a step forward. I realized that God wants to save Господи помилуй меня грешного. или Спаси и сохрани_1everyone.

Before imprisonment I went to church, but after spiritual failure I even could not read Bible. But after “Conversation” my spirit cheered up. “conversations” helped my faith become stronger: now I read Bible regularly, preach, sing about Jesus Christ when and where it is possible. I need to come back to church, where Lord gives salvation and eternal life to everyone. I liked the idea that Jesus will never leave us, mentioned in “Conversations”. And I will live in His Mansion with Him forever.

When I was in difficult circumstances, I wanted to hang myself and finish my life. But God didn’t let that happen. He gave me His eternal life full of love and mercy. I thank God for your work and for the harvest you bring Him. Let they centuple!

Cherepovsky Jury Fedorovich