Darwinism ideology and its consequences

Some philosophers still consider evolution a scientific theory. There even are some attempts to accommodate Bible notions and some hypothesis of modern natural science, recognizing a priory evolutionary theory as science.

The question “Did God create through evolution?” is still burning.

Morality and ethics of modern society are determined by two polar principles. On one hand, it is secular point of view, based on evolutionary theory in its different instants, on the other hand, it is admitting the first role of the Creator as the Source of moral laws and human conscience.

Brochure “Darwinism Ideology and Its Consequences” shows negative influence of evolutionary ideas upon ethics and morality of modern society. And opposed to that is spreading ideas of creation, mainstream fiction of Creation paradigm, which tells that the main role in the world belongs to the Creator.

Presentation of a new edition

Presentation of a new book “Conversations about Apostle Paul’s Book of Philippians” took place in St. Mary’s Church in St. Petersburg. The book contains real sermons based on text of that Book which were given by prior of ST. Mary’s Church Michail Ivanov in the Evangelical-Lutheran cathedral of St. Mary.

In his short speech Michail Ivanov shared that the Book of Philippians is a short book, which has only four chapters. But the number of topics Paul discusses in it is astonishing. Michail is sure that Paul’s words written to Macedonian city Philippi will allow everyone to realize that Bible is still essential in lives of modern Christians.

In the final part of his speech, Michail Ivanov expessed his gratitude to “Concordia” Foundation for supporting the publication financially.

Igor Savich, the head of “Concordia” Foundation said that the Church of Ingria has always been the main partner of the



Foundation, and it is great privilege to take part in projects by the Church of Ingria. Igor Savich also expressed his sincere belief that this publication will be a blessing for members of the parish and will serve to strengthen their faith and understanding of the inexhaustible grace of God’s Word.

Songs about family life

Project of the Church of Ingria and “Concordia” Foundatin for releasing CD with Anna Mityakova songs. Anna Mityakova is a song writer and performer. Her music is about faith and Christian life. Her songs are accompanied by the guitar and the harp. It is aimed to general public.

The CD with songs about Anna Mityakova’s family called Not Only About Love was recorded with “Concordia” support.

The project authors describe the album:

Dear friend,

We are happy to introduce that album with the author’s compositions revealing the secret of family happiness to you. You might find something new for your soul on that CD as well. Nowadays when people pursue money, pleasure, we can easily forget something really important in all the hassle.

 Each person looks for peace for their souls and for love. But sometimes they cannot get it. In that case we need help of the One who is Love Himself. We need faith and hope.

The CD contains songs not about love as attraction between people of different genders, but about mother’s love, spouses’ love, about Love which doesn’t seek her own and is ready to give life for you because she really loves…

Good News from “Concordia” Foundation

Флаерс Библейские беседы_2016We have published new edition of “The Bible Lessons for Children” which is illustrated by children studying in ethno-cultural center “Kitezhgrad” (Saint-Petersburg).

Those lessons are serious but interesting retelling of Bible stories. There are comments for parents with some advice on how to do those lessons with children. Coloring activities and riddles help children Свидетельство для детейbetter understand retold stories. After reading the book Children will get to know Jesus Christ, Our Savior.

Besides, we have published “Old Testament Lessons” telling interesting stories from the beginning of our world.

Those stories will help Children get ready for learning more important and serious things. And that will bring blessing and will create a good foundation for Children’s future life.

«Kitezhgrad»’s Jubilee

Solemn celebration of the 25th anniversary of the folk center “Kitezhgrad” took place in KTZ_4the building of the Commonwealth of Artists in Bolshaya Morskaya street in St. Petersburg.

KTZ_2Guest list included representatives of the city administration, “Kithezhgrad” teachers and educatees. Folk center successfully collaborates with major museums of St. Petersburg.

Representatives of the Russian Museum, the Kunstkamera KTZ_3Museum, the Museum of Religious History and the Commonwealth of Artists congratulated the center and gave memorable gifts. All-time head of the center Karen Avakyan and teachers Tatyana Piskorskaya and Marianna Nikolskaya made KTZ_5their welcomes.

Many warm words, sincere wishes of the future artistic successes and educcation of young generation were said. Hundreds of children have attended “Kitezhrad” for 25 years. And teachers cutiously nurtured their creative work.


Those who graduated spoke about their happy childhood due to creative atmosphere, understanding and warmth, which they were surrounded by in their classes in the center studios.

Current educatees gave a concert with folk songs and dances. That was a festival of children art and pedagogic talent.KTZ_7

At the end of the event each person got a table calendar with drawings and photos of ceramic artwork of “Kitezhgrad” educatees. The calendar was printed by “Concordia” Foundation specifically for the anniversary.


Brochure “Distorting mirror’s shards”

After several publications in Russian this brochure, written by Dr. Igor Savich, have been translated in English.  The brochure shows the invalidity of the Evolution Theory.

“After the publication of Charles Darwin’s book ‘On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.’ The ideas of evolution as ‘Distorting mirror’s shards’ little by little were spread all over the world, distorting social beliefs on the natural environment. It was made it look like that the interpretation of world order has been found by manipulating the natural sciences achievements and using numerous assumptions.

Enthusiast-evolutionist: This is a real evolution of the chairs!

Enthusiast-evolutionist: This is a real evolution of the chairs!

In spite of the apparent contradictions to physical laws and laws of logic, evolutionary thought continues to dominate in school and university programs.

The aim of this brochure is to give a brief analysis of some of the key provisions of the evolutionary hypothesis that are set out practically in all textbooks for biology.

As an example there was used one of the recent academic school biology textbooks for 10-11 grades that was analyzed in terms of informatics and information theory. Information (Latin: informatio – explanation, statement, knowledge) is one of the most common concepts of science denoting knowledge and any collection of data, knowledge etc.

As reader of this brochure can see that these twenty-five theses of evolutionary theory literally or figuratively are inconsistent if we analyze them in terms of informatics. Information is an intangible category; however it is encoded in one way or other in living organisms, on material carriers.

Using the terminology of informatics, the theory of evolution can be labeled as infoglut that reduces the reliability of our ideas about the creation. This infoglut caused by both accidental and intentional distortion of data and its incorrect interpretation.

Thus, the extreme complexity and at the same time coordination of all information processes and systems in living cell suggest to many researchers that the origin of life based on the chaotic and spontaneous molecular transformations is completely impossible. It is unthinkable to admit the existence of ‘evolution’ that requires purposeful ‘introduction’ of the necessary information inside living organisms.

Life exists only because of the presence of relevant information inside living organisms that works with the help of well-defined programs. Every living being carries a tremendous amount of very diverse information. Information determines its structure, a method of obtaining food, behavior, method of reproduction, protection etc. Every living cell carries specific, unique information. Moreover, the certain components of the cell are also carriers of information, without which the cell could not exist.

You cannot even imagine that this huge number of incredibly diverse management information emerged by itself. Everything gives evidence of God’s creation of the universe.”

New calendar

KAlend_3“Concordia” Foundation and etnocultural crenter “Kitezhgrad” have been friends for a long time.

5 years ago drawings by educatees of the center were used in a book “Christmas” published with support of “Concordia”.

Educatees of “Kithezhgrad under the guidance of their teacher Marianna Nikolskaya illustrated “Bible Stories for Children” recently.

The last release by “Concordia” Fundation is a table calendar, its release is coincided with 25th Anniversary of “Kitezhgrad” which will be in September 2015. The calendar starts with September 2015 and finishes with December 2016. The best works of educatees of “Kitezhgrad” were used in the calendar production. Matching Bible verses were picked up for each drawing or picture.

We hope that this calendar will not only be a good present for “Kithezhgrad” Anniversary, but will also give new motivation to learn wisdom of Holy Scripture.