Seminar in Vyborg

Seminar in Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Vyborg. The seminar was mostly attended by youth. Its topic was “Apologetics as the mean of evangelism”.

Comparison of two points of view: creationism and evolutionary theory. Proving impossibility of life originating from non-living material due to the second law of thermodynamics. The entropy increase law in the open system.

Impossibility of evolving due to impossibility of new information to appear on its own. Validity of Creation theory. Necessary information was “loaded” into the living creatures during the Creation.

All main stages of Creation are written in the 1st chapter of Genesis. John 1:1-3 says that everythign was created by the Word, and the word if Logos, in other words knowledge, data – information.

Apostle Paul in Colossians writes that all things have been created through Him and for Him, and in Him all things hold together. “Him” means Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Him. Which means, that every person needs Jesus if they want to have eternal life.

There were many question about different aspects of Creation asked. The youth leader Andey Myasischev told an interesting story how he came to Church.

Several years ago he read that the secon law of thermodynamics contradicts evolutionary theory. He got interested in the topic. So he came to the Lutheran Church to find out the reason and how could our world appear. And he stayed in the Church.

Lessons on creation

Igor Savich gave lessons on creation science in school with advanced study of German -“Peterschule”. Igor Savich was invited to the school by its headmaster. peter-002More than 60 children found out that our World is not a result of natural development, but is a result of the Intelligent Design.

During those lectures, Igor Savich showed that since entropy increase law is active, self-induced complications of nonliving matter is impossible.

He also showed that if information can not appear on its own, all evolutionary principles are wrong. Four conditions are necessary to record information: a) peter-18recording tool, which does the recording, b) material medium, which the recording is done on, c) method, mechanism (how the recording is done), d) reason for recording (the purpose of that recording).

And he added that the most important difference between living systems and those four conditions is that all necessary information has already been recorded in living organisms. Existence of living systems is connected with reproducing information which exists in them.peter-15

So, information exists only for supporting life. Information diversity determines life, its forms and specifics, not visa versa. And there was a logical conclusion: life is the unique thing, which is Creator’s Work.

Every student got brochures by “Concordia”, in which the problem of how life appeared on the Earth are discussed more thoroughly.

ETS seminar

olonez-town1ETS seminar was held in the ELCI in town Olonets (pastor Igor Pokormyakho). There were 22 people. 15 people left their contact information in the registration sheet. 6 of them wrote they wanted to become “Concordia” volunteers.

Olonets is a small town on the South of the Republic of Karelia with population of 8000 people.

Problem of alcoholism is the most acute one in Olonets. It is caused by unemployment and despair. That is why the audience paid special attention to the brochure “Self-Control in the olonez-town3Addictive World”. Besides, they asked about better ways of preaching to their non-believing relatives and friends.

Right before the seminar during service pastor Igor Pokoromyakho preached that Jesus is always with us in all our problems, sins and weaknesses.

That is the problem of how we can be near people who have problems, like Jesus did, was discussed during the seminar. olonez-town2How can we, as Christians, love people, empathize them, help them without taking part in their sins? How can we defeat our own sins and become victors in complicated situations? Helping those who are in need with words or actions is the best way of personal evangelism.

Looking for Truth

The IX Annual Theoretical Seminar “Looking for Truth in the semi_16-1-672x372Modern Cultural Space” took place in Saint-Petersburg State University of Economy. Philosophers from Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Voronezh, Simpheropol, Makhachkala, Ufa, Izhevsk, Rostov, Krasnodar and Chelyabinsk semi_16-3-150x150took part in the seminar.

Different problems connected with methodology of looking for truth in modern culture, code of practice, epistemology, translational processes etc.

Igor Savich presented a report “Search for truth about the origin of life in the information “technologies” of life organisms sphere”. He emphasized that all types of semi_16-5-150x150intercommunication between living organisms happen in the form of information exchange. Hierarchy of informational objects in wildlife and their functional specifics are evidences of the Nous which created them.

Changing of informational status of living objects is done not only with the help of new information input, but also – what is more important – guidance information, because semi_16-4-150x150managerial process is always connected with rational source. The last category is Nous’ prerogative, and it is a definite proof of a Persona impact.

Functioning of life organisms with the usage of different levels of informational exchange, and especially pre-installed sub-level, prove the Nous activity. From IT point of view, creation of multi-cascade different systems of living organisms is absolutely impossible without intervention from supreme Intelligence.

All above mentioned proves creation of our world.

ETC seminar in town Primorsk

ETC seminar was held in the Lutheran Church in town primorsk1Primorsk. As usual, “Concordia” employees brought different brochures, published by the Foundation” and Bible courses for children and adults.

Igor Savich in his opening speech told about Foundation’s main projects and new possibilities of studying Bible online. He also showed new publications by “Concordia”.

After that Yuri Bespechanskiy showed in his presentation that sharing the Good News is essential for fulfilling Christ’s commandment, written in Mathew 28:19-20. A lot of questions, especially about limitations introduced by the new anti-terrorist legislation, were asked.

primorsk2Igor Savich reminded about exemplum from the Old Testament, when Israelites were afraid to enter the promised land because their scouts had seen very strong people there. As a result, people were wandering in desert for forty years, until everyone who had been scared died.

If God is for us, who can be against us? That is rhetorical question. In order to spread God’s Word under new legislation, we need to be wise and use each opportunity, – finished Igor Savich. Pastor Sregey Gerasimov was very happy with the seminar and decided the almost each member of the church can be volunteer for “Concordia” Foundation.

ETS seminar

ETS seminar took place in the Evangelical-Lutheran church in Ennolovo village of SPb Region.  Igor Savich told about “Concordia” Foundation projects  and especially about publications.ets-seminar-in-ennolovo-church-1

It were present  different brochures, which cover various important topics: family and marriage, solving problems in our life, is going to church worth it, how to overcome consequences of negative events or even abuse, how to fight against temptations and addictions, Christian faith arguments, and many other subjects.

Igor also emphasized that 2017 will be anniversary of Reformation, on this occasion “Concordia” has published 2 brochures that can be used for general public as a first step for invitation to the church.ets-seminar-in-ennolovo-church-3

At the end of the seminar Igor Savich talked about information, encoded in all living creatures, “works” according to specific programs. And those three notions of information science (information, code and program) are indisputable evidence of creation of life, not its emersion from non-organic substance. He said that this topic can be used also as a first step for arising interest in people and possibility to talk about God as Creator of this world (see pictures).

Creation Ministry

An apologetic seminar “I know Who I Have Come to Believe” took place in the Church of Christ on the Neva River. “Concordia” representatives were there. Jim Baird – apologetic-seminar-3professor from Christian University of Oklahoma was the main speaker. He spoke on the following topics:

-Faith, Mind and Testimony;

-Case for God: morals and beauty;

-Case for God: freedom and goal;

-Case for God: inconceivable efficiency of science;

-Case for God: fine tuning of the Universe; and some other.

He said that simple theories are the most enticing. That is why zero and infinity draw so many people. At the same time, infinity cannot be understood by a human.

That is God’s domain, foundation of His existence. Professor Baird also noted that human morals contradicts evolving principles. Beauty of nature is percepted by humans as beauty. That understanding couldn’t happen but for the Creation. The way our Universe is fine-tuned, all physical laws and constants clearly argue for their Creator.

Participants of the conference, who came from different regions of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine, were offered apologetic books, published by “Concordia” Foundation: “Shatters of a Wrong Mirror”, “What a Muddy River Told”, “Informatics of Creation” and Petrozavodsk creationism conference proceedings.