Little summary of activity in teenage group

As you know, we had winter camp in Communar, I have already written about it, so I am just going to give a little summary. We realize that nowadays Christianity has to move away from projects and come back to the basics of the New Testament Church, when relationships and people were important.

But at the same time, I can see that we all have very little time. That is why now we are reevaluating preacher format and concept of taking care of each other inside the Church.

Time inexorably passes by and the summer is coming closer. In the summer we are having baptism for out wonderful teenagers. In January we had 2 meeting with them about baptism and we continue helping them get ready for the most serious decision in their lives.

There is a great application for mobile phones and tablets. That application has got Bible texts in different versions. We have inspired children from our club to read Bible every day and to finish the whole Bible during 2017.

We can follow each other’s activity through that application as well as recommend verses to each other. All in all, we are on the right way! The next step will be inspiring teenagers to start preaching themselves.

As always, we have anti-cafe meetings, where we invite new children and our acquaintances. Everything is very cheerful in Petrozavodsk, too. We have had a big game tournament called “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21).

Children have to play, have to laugh. That is their direct responsibility written in human rights. Since children in our clubs are from unprivileged families, they especially need laughter and happiness.

And, of course, we have daily meetings, help children with their homework, pray, sing, tell Bible stories. And every Sunday there is service.

Сlub for teens

Igor Savich and regional director of euro-asian region Peter Kerby met the leader of ministry for children and teenagers in Petrozavodsk Evgeniy Zinin. Pastor Evgeniy Zinin told about their work with children and. In fact, there are 2 clubs in Petrozavodsk: “Firefly” for children and “Glimps” for teenagers. The latter has meetings every Sunday at 3 p.m.

Savich and P. Kerby visited “Glimpse” club. More than 25 teenagers are its members. The meeting started with friendly conversations with tea and biscuits followed by singing several hymns accompanied by the guitar.

In order to brighten up the atmosphere, children were offered to play a game called “princess rescue”. There was lots of laughter and joy.

At the end, pastor Evgeniy offered to listen to a serious lecture on how our World appeared. The lecturer was I. Savich, who compared two points of view: creations and evolutionary. Within the following 40 minutes he showed that creations point of view explains appearance of our harmonious and fine-tuned World better than evolutionary. All processes which we can observe are results of the Intelligent Design. He also said that Bible authentically describes events of the World Creation.

Teenagers asked many questions, which is evidence of their interest in the topic. At the end of the club’s meetings children got brochures by “Concordia” on the World Creation and age of the Earth.

It was fantastic!

In summer we had a camp for children from three villages, where our clubs are: lager4Elizavetino, Kommunar and Glazhevo. There also were some children from Pushkin, Volkhov and Pavlovsk.

And it was fantastic! God works among kids, and everyone sees that, even those who only worked as a driver or cooks in our camp. There were 32 children, but we were ready.

Children were divided into 4 groups, each had 2 mentors. Within 5 days everyone lager5“visited” different countries, got to know their culture, and history.

We had time for everything: games, pranks, swimming in the Gulf of Finland in different temperatures (teenagers don’t pay attention to such details).

In afternoons, we had seminars on serious topics, and in evenings mentors discussed those things with children from their groups.

lager2Last evening, when we were all sitting under the tent because of the rain, one boy asked me, what we were going to do if it was raining during the final fire. And I immediately answered, we would pray.

It is so great to be God Almighty’s daughter! God stopped the rain and we had really great farewell time. And now we lager1are waiting together with them their further steps: strengthening of their faith and relying on our Heavenly Father. And we will continue working in order to be their guides to God.

Events in the club for teenagers

It  was more or less quiet month after all tragedies. We are moving forward.kom_m3

At one meeting we learned how to bake cakes and tried to understand how God performed miracle with food for 5000 people!

Coming to the youth service in church has become our tradition. The topic of the service was 4 ways of watching, listening and absorbing information.

Each child who attends our club’s meetings has great difficulties in lives, and we know, that only God can solve unsolvable problems. For instance, one of the girl’s father was in a drinking bout for two months. Her mother decided to divorce him, and after that he started drinking again and left home.kom_m2

Lena has always had problems with self-esteem, and now communicating with people is very difficult for the girl because she looks at everything through the prism of the fact that her father has abandoned her. We want him to go to the rehabilitation center.

We read the Scriptures every club meeting, and try to do it creatively. The Word of God is Alive! We hope that changes will come.

kom_m1All the children are very different, but they all have similar problems. We pray, that awakening will start in Kommunar and the beginning of it will be our little club, taking care of teenagers, and we hope that after listening to the Gospel all citizens will be saved in the name of Jesus Christ.

We are getting ready to celebrate the 1st May (th Easter in Russia). We are going to evangelize hundreds of teenagers and young people on the Easter Day.

There will be musicians, games, contests and a sermon. We would like to hold that action in a very special place and to invite using Vkontakte social network all teenagers from Pudomyagi and Kommunar.