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“Polyphonic 2017”

A final concert of VIII International Contest of modern spiritual and polyphonic musicians “Polyphonic 2017” took place in the St. Peter and Paul Lutheran Church (Peterskirche) in St. Petersburg.

About 150 people gathered in Peterskirche to listen to the concert. Young musicians performed their compositions in different musical styles. For instance, student choir of St. Petersburg Herzen State Pedagogic University “Ex anima” sang cantata by M. I. Glinka. A young flute player performed a solo song by a composer Artur Onegger. A female trio performed a piece for hoboy, flute and piano.

There were foreign guests as well as foreign students studying in St. Petersburg among the performers. For example, a young British piano player from Manchester played a partita by I. S. Bach. And a student from China sang a tenor aria of Faust from the Charles Guno opera, he was accompanied by the piano.

At the end of the concert, all award-winners were given prizes by the main organized of the contest – the professor from St. Petersburg Culture and Arts University Dmitry Schirin.

“Concordia” Foundation was one of the “Polyphonic” festival sponsors. Soloists were given prizes among which there were table calendars published by the Foundation. Besides, about 100 brochures by “Concordia” containing invitations to do the correspondence course “Steps of Faith” were distributed among participants and the audience, as well as pocket calendars, inviting to do an e-version of that course on web-site.

One of the soloists of the “Ex anima” choir asked to shoot the choir performance and agreed to give invitations to  the “Steps of Faith” course to all choir members .


I realized that I really need God

I serve time in prison in Novoaltays town, Altay Territory. Before reading “Conversation” I used to think I was a Christian, but themaxim-gackov “Conversations” helped me know more about God and His mercy to us, His love to sinners, and the fact that we need Him.

The “Conversation” helped me understand the basics of Christian faith. We are saved by our faith in Jesus Christ and we are not going to die but will have eternal life. The “Conversations” helped me know more about God: God’s peace is always in our hearts.

. My spiritual problem before reading the “Conversations” was that I starved spiritually, and now I read, pray, and speak with God. The “Conversations” helped me also with my free time: I now spend it communicating with God.

I would like to ask you help me find a church after I am released. Now I am ready to go to church on regular basis, because I have constant wish which now is going to take away: I know I need God. And I want to find friends among Christians, who could help me grow spiritually, we can exchange letters for now.

I liked everything about the “Conversations”: everything is useful for correction, studying and improvement. I am really glad that God let me get to know Him better and leads me to eternal life.

I realized that I really need God, because without Him I am incapable of dealing with sin and changing my life. For we have been saved through faith. I used to have lots of spiritual questions, but managed to find answers to them in the course. May God bless all of you!



Visit to Rochester Lutheran Church, Minnesota


seminar-in-rochester-3Two weeks ago Igor Savich – the head of “Concordia” Foundation took part in celebrations of the 100 year Anniversary of The Lutheran Hour Ministry in St. Louis, USA.

Together with his colleagues from 35 countries he told and showed everything connected with the ministry in Russia to the guests who arrived at celebration.

igor-savich-with-pastor-heidorn-2At the end of his visit to US and after weekly workshop that was taken place in headquarters of LHM Igor Savich also visited the Lutheran Church in Rochester, Minnesota.

Having received special invitation from pastor Greg Heidorn from Grace-on-the-Lake Lutheran Church, Igor Savich told about LHM work in Russia on Saturday night and on Sunday after the service.

His presentations was connected with telling the Good News via radio, TV, Internet, brochures, flyers and personal testimonies.  Igor Savich told about work with prisoners, children, teenagers, everyone willing to study the Basics of Christian Faith, and about Foundation’s activity in media oriented to reach non-church population and especially in urban regions in Russia.

volunteer-group-1Igor Savich also met a group of volunteers who are going to visit Saint-Petersburg in June 2017 in order to take part in a Language Camp for Children in town Vyborg.

Within those two days Igor Savich had many informal conversations with members of the Lutheran Church and guests, who came to take part in the festival of Reformation .